Forfait mobile : faites le plein de gigas avec les nouvelles offres Very B&You

Forfait mobile : faites le plein de gigas avec les nouvelles offres Very B&You

B&You has just unveiled its new Very B&You offers, including the 100 GB package, which is only 12.99 euros for the next seven days. A godsend for those who want a maximum of gigas for a minimum of euros.

Week after week, B&You struggles to offer packages that combine quality of service, a plump data envelope and a reasonable price. And this week is no exception to the rule, since the operator is delivering a new batch of very interesting Very B&You packages. Until May 18, no less than three non-binding packages are available, including a 100 GB package which goes below 13 euros.

The Very B&You 100 GB plan in brief:

  • 100 GB of 4G internet, of which 20 GB can be used in Europe and the overseas departments;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France and from the EU and overseas departments to France;
  • 12.99 euros per month, without commitment;
  • available until May 18.

What are the advantages of the Very B&You 100 GB package?

For this 100 GB package, B&You has decided to go straight to the point. Calls, SMS and MMS are thus available unlimited in mainland France. And if you are traveling in the European Union or in the overseas departments, you can also use calls, SMS and MMS to contact your correspondents in France and in the territories concerned.

But its strong point is undoubtedly its very large mobile internet envelope: 100 GB per month, 20 of which can be used as you see fit in Europe or in the overseas departments. To do this, B&You relies on Bouygues’ 4G network, which covers 99% of the population, and nearly 93% of French territory according to the latest data from ARCEP.

These data also tell us that the Bouygues network offers an average download speed of 55 Mb/s and an upload speed of 14 Mb/s, which ranks it among the best operators on the market, in particular for everything related to viewing. of video.

Last advantage of this package, and not the least: it is a non-binding offer that will not increase after one year.

How to subscribe to the Very B&You 100 GB offer for 12.99 euros?

To subscribe to this offer rich in datanothing very complicated since you just have to go to the B&You site and select the Very B&You 100 GB package. For the rest, the operator will do most of the work.

By selecting to keep your old number, and providing your RIO (which you can obtain simply by calling 3179 from your mobile), B&You takes care of the rest of the events.

All you have to do is wait for the operator to cancel your old subscription and open your new line, all without any interruption of service. The only additional action required on your part is to pay 10 euros when subscribing in order to obtain your new SIM card.

Mobile plan: fill up on gigas with the new Very B&You offers

The Very B&You 100 GB package is currently offered for 12.99 euros per month, and you have until May 18 to let yourself be tempted by this offer.

What other packages does B&You offer?

In addition to its 100 GB offer, B&You offers two additional packages. The first of them is intended for users who only need a few gigabytes of mobile Internet. Offered at 4.99 euros per month, it has an envelope of 5 GB of data valid in metropolitan France and in Europe and in the overseas departments. Regarding calls, SMS and MMS, it is housed in the same boat as the 100 GB package.

The third and final Very B&You package currently available is intended for the biggest data consumers. With an envelope peaking at 200 GB, including 20 to spend (if you wish) in Europe and the French overseas departments, it is ideal for anyone who wants to watch videos or play online without any restrictions. Until May 18, it is offered by B&You at 14.99 euros per month.

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