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Fibre optique : le ras le bol des consommateurs

In 2021, more than one in two consumers encountered problems with their fixed network. This is the latest report from the Customer Satisfaction Observatory of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep). A report confirmed by the alerts received on the site “I alert Arcep” throughout 2021.

More specifically, Arcep indicates that 51% of subscribers to a fixed offer said they had a problem during the year 2021. By way of comparison, less than 30% reported a problem with their mobile offer.

Fiber optics: too many technical problems

“Reports relating to fixed Internet are particularly preponderant indicates Arcep in its report, in particular due to dissatisfaction linked to the deployment of optical fibre”.

Fiber optics definitely has a hard time convincing. According to figures from Arcep, 49% of complaints are related to quality of service issuesfar ahead of fraud and unwanted calls (27%).

The majority of the plaintiffs are customers of Free and SFR indicates the Authority of the telecoms. Moreover, the customer service of the operator in the red square is the worst rated of all. An administrative investigation has even been opened against XP Fiber, a subsidiary of Altice, parent company of SFR. In question, the poor quality of connection of its fiber network.

“Many alerts in 2021 report problems (insufficient number of outlets, broken fibers) in the optical connection points or at the concentration point which cause disconnections” specifies Arcep.

far west

Unfortunately, this study is not surprising. Recently, journalists from Le Monde went behind the scenes of the deployment of fiber. A daily hell for field teams that market players unfortunately know very well.

Some operators do not hesitate to subcontract the work, sometimes up to 8 levels of subcontracting. With each step, the bill goes down, so much so that some small businesses don’t even earn a penny.

This mode of operation then gives rise to harmful behavior, slowing down deployment but, above all, posing real problems for consumers. For example, some technicians do not hesitate to disconnect an existing line to connect their own. Others even voluntarily ransack the cupboards (large blocks grouping together all the lines of the same area) because they are not paid on time.

For them, the situation has lasted too long. At the beginning of April, the association France Subcontracting was born to highlight the reduction in the remuneration of subcontractors. Main target: Orange, which would be the most difficult on this point.

In the end, the consumer, as always, pays the price. And if in November 2021 the president of Arcep Laure de la Raudière told Les Echos that “Arcep’s top priority” was the quality of the fiber networks, the results are still not there.

Ascent, she then warned the telecoms that she gave herself the right to sanction them if they continued to behave like cowboys in their Wild West.

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