Face à l’inflation, ces applis vous permettent de faire des économies sur vos courses - Edition du soir Ouest-France - 13/05/2022

Face à l’inflation, ces applis vous permettent de faire des économies sur vos courses – Edition du soir Ouest-France – 13/05/2022


Inflation is visible on supermarket shelves. To cushion this erosion of their purchasing power, consumers can turn to smartphone applications, which help to save some money when shopping. Here is a selection.

On supermarket shelves, food prices continue to soar. To absorb these increases which weigh on their portfolio, some French people are starting to buy less. But it is also possible to consume a little differently, in particular via smartphone applications designed to save money. L’evening edition selected a few.

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Applications that reimburse your shopping

Some applications allow you to take advantage of offers and promotions. And that once your shopping is finished, whether you do it online or in store, and in a very simple way: by downloading your receipt on the application, the reimbursement of products subject to reductions arrives directly in the bank account. of the app user. This is particularly the case with Shopmium, which claims to reimburse users in 48 hours and promises to save more than €100 per week. In addition, Shopmium refunds can be combined with the discounts offered in stores.

Many offers relate to food and consumer products in general, but they are not the only ones. Discounts on products sold in pharmacies, at the hairdresser, in restaurants or even at the cinema are also offered.

The Quoty application works on exactly the same principle as Shopmium. And in addition to the reimbursement of products subject to promotions, it also offers printable reduction coupons and distributor promotion catalogs. It is also possible to make your shopping list directly on the application.

Reimbursement also in local shops

Reimbursing products via mobile applications sometimes gives access to products available at the supermarket but also in other stores, even convenience stores. (Illustrative photo: Tim Douglas / Pexels)

In the same vein, there is also the Keetiz app. However, it has the particularity of offering reductions only on products sold in local shops.

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To be able to benefit from it, simply register your bank card on the application, before making purchases at small merchants by paying by card. The reimbursement of the products is then automatically paid into their Keetiz kitty and once it reaches an amount of €10, it is then possible to transfer the money directly to their bank account.

Apps to compare prices

Unlike applications that reimburse certain products after shopping, other applications allow you to compare prices before purchase, to know in which store your expenses will be lower. This is the case of Prixing, which allows you to compare the prices of two million products. And it is even possible to compare the amount to be paid for your entire shopping cart, not just product by product. You can even register your loyalty cards there so that the reductions they allow are taken into account.

Test products for free

The app My opinion makes it free allows, as its name suggests, to receive the products of their choice for free in exchange for the publication of an opinion on the product after consumption or use. You should know that it only works with the Carrefour distributor.

Concretely, the user of the app can choose the product that interests him among those offered on his smartphone. Once in store, there is no need to advance the costs, the product is offered upon presentation of the barcode available on the app. On the other hand, it is impossible to come and collect the free product without making other purchases in the store, it is requested to carry out shopping for a minimum purchase amount of 30 €. By then giving their opinion on the platform, the user then receives points to be used to test new products.

Collect unsold items

The To Good To Go application connects merchants and food companies with individuals. (Photo: To Good To Go)

The Too Good To Go anti-waste app also helps save money. It makes it possible to recover, at low prices, unsold items from nearby merchants.

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How it works ? The application geolocates the user and offers him several offers of surprise baskets to collect, at specific times from local merchants, all for 3 or 4 € in general (instead of ten euros), this which represents a huge saving. It also allows you to do a good deed: reducing food waste.

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