Ex OM : Carton rouge, bagarre… le craquage de Ribery !

Ex OM : Carton rouge, bagarre… le craquage de Ribery !

Former OM attacking midfielder Franck Ribery could already have finished his season following his red card received with Salernitana when he was a substitute. The latter struck a substitute for the opposing team…

Following his team’s opener from the penalty spot, the French international was involved in a fight at the edge of the pitch. Simone Verdi came to celebrate his goal on the sidelines and was slightly jostled by Cagliari substitute Gaston Pereiro who was warming up on the side and did not slow down his run. The substitute bench rose and shook the Uruguayan. Ribéry then ran up to punch Pereiro. He grabbed his opponent from behind, at the neck, before tackling him to the ground. The two men were quickly separated but the referee of the meeting logically sent a red card to Ribéry.

It could look like the end of his career, at least in Europe, for Ribery, who is at the end of his contract with Salernitana and who is 39 years old.

Ribery was throwing up his guts because he was gutted — Niang

Super player and whimsical man it is often this image that leaves Franck Ribery. On our set, his former teammate at OM, Mamadou Niang recounts the incredible investment of the former Bayern left winger, a great professional who vomited after matches…

“We arrived at the same time with Franck, we were in the same hotel with our wives, we almost lived for 2 months before finding our accommodation. He was an alien. In preparation, we did not know him, he came from Galatasaray, he outclassed everyone. (…) We were on the bench during the first friendly match, Fabien told me, where does this player come from, is he a monster? He was running everywhere. I wondered if he could hold on like that. (…) Franck gave himself so much 100% that at the end of the matches the first thing he did when he returned to the locker room was to go to the toilet to vomit. He was throwing up his guts because he was gutted. He had given so much, you couldn’t talk to him, he was going to vomit from fatigue, from pain. This player was amazing. (…) We were on vacation together, I went to see him in Munich, he had invited me to La Fio. We are often on the phone together. On vacation, it was incredible because he got up in the morning, he was going to do 40 to 1 hour of jogging at 16km, he was a machine. He didn’t stop, he took a week and that was it. Two weeks before the resumption he was already at the Bayern training center. » Mamadou Niang – source: FCMarseille (11/11/2021)

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