EVE Online Fanfest 2022 : un futur plus accessible pour les nouveaux joueurs et plus étoffé pour les vétérans ?

EVE Online Fanfest 2022 : un futur plus accessible pour les nouveaux joueurs et plus étoffé pour les vétérans ?

Game News EVE Online Fanfest 2022: a more accessible future for new players and more fleshed out for veterans?

After several years, the famous Fanfest of fans of the massively multiplayer online space role-playing game from Icelandic CCP, EVE Online, is back. The opportunity for JV to take a tour on site to attend the convention and understand the evolutions of this futuristic universe which wants to be more and more open…

It is therefore in Reykjavik, capital of Iceland, that Fanfest 2022 is currently taking place. This is the annual event dedicated to the online gaming community of PCB, EVE Online, released on May 6, 2003 on PC, 19 years ago. Before the twentieth anniversary of this title, it was therefore important to set the record straight and send the message that this game is still here for a long timebut not only…

New players in New Eden

Thus, the Keynote on EVE Online was an opportunity to recall that the game has been available for several years and that it is time to review certain things to attract, or retain, new players. The tutorial overhaul has already partly taken place and will follow newcomers through a multi-act scripted story, the Arcs, with prominent protagonists to better immerse players. Added to this is a system of talents and specialties that is much more digestible and easy to understand in order to find your place more easily in this universe. In summary, it becomes easier to know what you want to do and how it is possible through quests with a clear goal. All of these will obviously lead to changes in the global space and, above all, to the corporations (understand the guilds) to integrate the great strategists of New Eden and carry out large-scale strategies to better explore the galaxy. , control it and, above all, exploit it.

In this regard, the level of commitment required in EVE Online is colossal and requires a lot of organization, both in terms of players and resources, in order to achieve its ambitions in the galaxy. And that is also why CCP announces a surprising partnership with Excel, yes the Microsoft software, in order to better process the data to have a clearer view of the assets, acquisitions and harvests of your corporation. But this new option will also be usable on the scale of a single player to properly manage his own commodities.

Easy to play, hard to master

Here is a mantra that will remind you of something and that must apply to EVE Online, if the developers of CCP are to be believed. So if new players will be pampered over the next few years, it’s the future, there’s no doubt, the veterans, understand very invested players, have not been forgotten, even if their number crumbles over time. So they can soon enjoy a system to recast their talents to change their path and finally explore the universe in another way. Good news that proves that no one should be forgotten over the next few years in EVE Online. Another important point to note, the faction wars will be renewed. The goal is to encourage action on battlefields that can last several weeks in order to conquer ever more space. Thus, the systems at war on the borders will become areas important enough for players to come there often and engage in combat… As you will have understood, player versus player confrontations still have a bright future ahead of them in EVE Online.

EVE Online conquering the world

After rolling out on the Epic Games Store and Mac, EVE Online is gaining a foothold in Asia, and is coming soon, and that was kind of one of the big announcements at the conference, in the Spanish language. Suffice to say that if some like to think that EVE Online is an old game at the end of its career, it seems more and more obvious that the future is in motion at CCP. The arrival of the game in localized version in new territories always brings its share of beginners that it will now be easier to train and get used to the functioning of the title with the new tutorial system and a much more pleasant user interface and, above all, practical.

EVE Online Fanfest 2022: a more accessible future for new players and more fleshed out for veterans?

We end by stating that EVE Online will benefit from promising graphical improvements and that the possibility of customizing its devices and buildings is on its way. This should appeal to regulars. Finally, be aware that CCP’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game is studying NFTs, but has absolutely no plans to use them in-game, as the community clearly wants.

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