Essai – Ford Mustang Mach-E 68 kWh RWD : que vaut la moins chère des Mustang électriques ?

Essai – Ford Mustang Mach-E 68 kWh RWD : que vaut la moins chère des Mustang électriques ?

Accustomed to making the names of these models last, Ford offers a power supply to its Mustang about 55 years after having made it perform its first ride. Rid of the V6 and V8, the horses seem to have calmed down. Reality or false impression?

The model tested

The American manufacturer introduced its supercharged herd in Europe in the year 2021. At our disposal, the stable-entry Ford Mustang Mach-E animated by the rear end. It is in this place that is installed the permanent magnet synchronous motor capable of developing 198 kW (269 hp) of power for 430 Nm of torque. What to observe a pure 100 (0-100 km/h) within 6.9 seconds.

Placed under the floor, a lithium-ion battery with a useful energy capacity of 68 kWh out of 75.7 in total. With this configuration, Ford announces getaways up to 440km between 2 recharges, according to the WLTP mixed cycle. The calipers are housed in 18-inch alloy wheels fitted with 225/60 Continental tyres.

The only option on our electric SUV, a White Space dress billed at 1,200 euros, replacing the default Shadow black. ” It must be recognized that this painting is very neat and offers very nice reflections depending on the light “, appreciated Maxime Fontanier. For red, orange or blue, it will be necessary to align 1,500 euros. Since 1964, the color chart of the Ford Mustang has been expanded with 867 color choices, including 67 white and 57 black to distinguish with subtlety.

The luggage space

The footprint of our Mach-E fits in a box of 4.73 x 1.88 m, for a height of 1.62 m. Once opened, the tailgate fitted with a flexible luggage cover provides access to a 402 liter trunk easy to load. Its volume is a bit sparse for such a vehicle. By presenting a flat floor, it increases to 1,420 l when the 40:60 backrests of the bench seat are folded down.

A double bottom can accommodate barely more than the charging cable and emergency equipment. In front, the deep 100 l frunk won’t be too much to complete the trunk space when packing bags and suitcases before leaving on vacation. ” It is perfectly waterproof, which allows you to store beach items or act as a cooler. “, imagined our tester.

It is possible to load more by towing a trailer (up to 750 kg).

Three-seater bench

When climbing into the rear of the passenger compartment, passengers will appreciate being able to accommodate their legs easily, the knees of which will be well away from the backs of the front seats. The seat is comfortable.

The absence of a central service tunnel facilitates the transport of three passengers on the bench seat. No doubt the one installed in the middle will find his back a little hard, because of the central armrest that he hides.

Those seated at the ends will benefit from foamed and pleasant door panels. If they’re taller than six feet, they’ll likely feel a bit too close to the roof. USB and USB-C sockets are available.

The driver’s point of view

On leather upholstery, the driver and his neighbor will find enough adjustments to obtain a pleasant position. While riding, they may be disappointed with the lack of lateral support. They will face a modern-looking dashboard with excellent ergonomics. Including at the level of the essential controls scattered on the spokes of the steering wheel.

Rigid plastics and small assembly deviations do not prevent finding the correct finish on board. This impression comes from the presence of imitation leather with topstitching and a good marriage of materials. The digital instrumentation behind the heated hoop would appear almost a bit simplistic. However, everything is there on the 10.2-inch screen, but in an airy and very readable way, even in direct sunlight.

A good point for the recovery on its right of all the options of the drive selector. The multimedia system is served by a 15.5-inch tablet installed vertically, like on a Tesla Model S. Very responsive, it is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via WiFi. Maxime Fontanier noticed some cuts during use and blockages quickly resolved.

First spins

To wake up the Mustang, it is necessary to press a button. No 360 degree view for our model, but a sharp and very wide picture of the situation in the back. With its 11.6 m, the turning circle is nothing extraordinary. On the other hand, the thick and padded steering wheel appears pleasant in the hands. The well-balanced steering is both smooth and consistent.

At low speed, little rolling noise goes back into the cabin. We will see later that this is the case at all speeds. The suspension is relatively firm, like on many electric SUVs. The thick sidewall tires filter the roughness of the road in their own way. To be brought to the asset of the Mach-E: very good visibility and in particular in the central rear, a high position which allows you to dominate the road, a wiper on the tailgate.

With this car, we advise you to activate the One-Pedal to make the most of the regenerative braking, to a standstill if necessary. In addition to providing real driving comfort and compensating for the overweight of the vehicle (1,969 kg without the driver), this manipulation avoids being confronted with a brake pedal that is a little too brutal.

On winding roads

Intervening on the driving experience, the interior lighting and the sound environment, three driving modes are available to the driver. If the intermediary Activewhich could be described as normal », does not have anything to make you particularly smile, Whisper would seem to want to take us back to the American cinema of the late 1990s. To choose for a quiet use of Ford’s electric SUV.

With Untamed, the nag would like to be wild, unbridled. It is this sports mode that our tester has selected. ” It accelerates quite fast “, he comments at the first heavy support on the right pedal. In turns, the Mach-E is balanced.

Note that the anti-skid and ESP can be disconnected if you want to tickle more particularly the machine yet designed to appeal to families. As proof, the absence of optional 19-inch rims, reserved for versions with integral motor.


Electric cars are known to facilitate the insertion on the highways. This is the case of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Once stabilised, activating the driving aids, including the adaptive cruise control, is easily done using the dedicated controls on the spokes of the steering wheel.

However, even by setting a significant gap with the vehicle in front, the machine automatically brakes a little too early. This does not facilitate overtaking when approaching trucks. ” It’s quite unpleasant in the long run », Regrets Maxime Fontanier.

The line-maintaining device is no more restful, letting you feel that the vehicle is looking for its trajectory. Present from the entry-level model, these assistances need to be improved. At 110 km/h, wind noise is quite reasonable. Beyond, on the other hand, and up to the maximum speed of 180 km/h, they become very present.

Consumption and autonomy

What fuel consumption to expect from the Ford Mach-E? Our tester reports averages of between 17 and 22 kWh per 100 km: “ The 17 kWh will be for urban use or driving at 120 km/h on the highway. As soon as you are at 130, you will go to 22 kWh/100 km “.

This would translate on paper to a range of between 310 and 400 km. It will be better to count only on 280 km by spinning on the highway, and a little more than 350 km by whispering in the ear of the Mustang when it evolves in town.

It’s correct, nothing more, but here we have the model with the smallest battery “recalls Maxime Fontanier. Autonomy would gain on average 125 km with the 99 kWh pack.


Too bad that this car, which swallows the highways correctly, is equipped with a maximum charging power limited to 115 kW in direct current. It even drops to 11 kW when reaching 80% energy in the battery. ” There’s really no point in recharging this car above 80% in these conditions: you’ll waste time and make others lose it », Warns the man with the cap.

Especially since with a long motorway journey, it would be necessary to plan a stop every 280 km or so. A software update should improve the charging curve of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

On a 7 kW wallbox, a full charge of energy will rarely exceed 8 hours. The on-board charger accepts 11 kW. Note that the hatch behind which the connectors are hidden is located on the left front fender. Which is not the ideal situation to take advantage of Tesla superchargers.


The Mustang benefits from a general warranty of 2 years, increased to 8 years on the battery. With that of 68 kWh mounted on the test model, the price list of the Ford Mach-E with propulsion starts at 56,400 euros on May 14, 2022. By adding the metallic paint, the figures increase up to 57,600 euros. For comparison, the Kia EV6 is available from 48,690 euros.

And many electromobilists will prefer the much cheaper Tesla Model 3 sedan to the American SUV as well. ” It would still be nice if Ford offered us an even more accessible model. », concludes Maxime Fontanier.

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