Esport - League of Legends : intouchable, la Karmine Corp conserve son trophée des European Masters

Esport – League of Legends : intouchable, la Karmine Corp conserve son trophée des European Masters

And three. La Karmine Corp won this Saturday evening its third consecutive title in the European Masters of League of Legends beating another French club, LDLC OL, after a rather exceptional final (3-1). Favourites, undefeated in this competition before the match, the Lyonnais were overtaken by an impressive KCorp, which seemed to have taken the psychological advantage over the match.

The first round had however been dominated by an LDLC OL who thus won their thirteenth game in a row in these EUMs and launched themselves perfectly into this final. But it was undoubtedly played out in the second: after a good adaptation in the draft phase and a early game to the advantage of Karmine, the Lyonnais reversed the trend… before cracking.

Phenomenal Saken and first triple crowned in EUM

It took a mistake from the latter and a brilliant initiative from Dogukan “113” Balci around the ancestral dragon for the KC to regain the ascendancy and conclude the game after a series of teamfights mastered. Interrupted in their series of invincibility, LDLC OL was not going to recover. The champions of France were unable to rectify the situation in the draft and, despite a Martin “Yike” Sundelin still excellent in the jungle, piled up very costly errors against such an opponent.

Too strong in teamfights, impeccable at all levels, the Karmine won the third and fourth sets with a Lucas “Saken” Fayard, the only player to have participated in the three campaigns and thus the only triple crowned in EUM, phenomenal on Azir. After just over three hours of a very high intensity match, the KC won and could savor their new trophy.

Rekkles rewarded

And it is undoubtedly the most impressive of the three, as his team had to work hard to recover from an unexpected failure in the league. In just a few weeks, she corrected all her faults to take her revenge against LDLC OL who seemed so strong so far. La Karmine was already the only club to have won these EUM twice, it is widening the gap a little more with its pursuers.

Beyond the performance and this new title which allows the KC to take a bigger place in the European landscape, even while remaining behind the LEC (the major European league, closed, which it would like to join), the successive twists and the history of the structure since its creation a little over a year and a half ago are quite crazy to see. This, even if the team aligned this year was built to win everything. To see her win the European Masters is not a surprise in itself after all, but the scenario is remarkable.


The peak audience measured on OTP’s Twitch channel, which broadcast the event in French.

Finally, this success is also important for Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. A star of the LEC and of European esports with an already extraordinary track record (four times European champion, a final of the Worlds, etc.), the Swede has shown that he still largely has the level. After choosing the KC to relaunch and “ to win (titles) again “Here it is answered.

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