"Envoyé spécial" du jeudi 12 mai 2022

“Envoyé spécial” du jeudi 12 mai 2022

Each week, “Special Envoy” is at the heart of the news and receives an “embedded” guest with Elise Lucet. The magazine offers major reports, “human stories” and investigations, with the ambition of being even closer to the event and those who do it.

Lyon: alert to eternal pollutants!

Is the milk of pregnant women in the Lyon suburbs contaminated by perfluorides? Is the drinking water network also? Investigation of a ubiquitous chemical component that worries European health authorities.

An investigation by Martin Boudot, Laura Aguirre de Carcer, Giona Messina and Benoît Sauvage / Première Lignes.

Perfluorinated: towards a global scandal?

After the Teflon scandal in the United States, the Italians are warning about the dangers of these industrial discharges with an unlimited lifespan and their effects on the health of local residents. In around twenty municipalities in Veneto declared to be in the “red zone”, the water is polluted with PFOA, a substance from the perfluorinated family.

An investigation by Laura Aguirre de Carcer, Giona Messina, Clément Voyer, Pierrick Grandouillet, Thierry Mongela and Benoît Sauvage.

The French prefer to laugh about it

They decided to live by making people laugh! Marie Leroy, 40, left her job in fashion to go on stage. Arnaud Ducret has filled theaters all over France for years. Fanny Ruwet, 27, broke through thanks to a video posted on the Internet. “Special Envoy” went to meet comedians who are a hit in France.

A report by Marion Cieutat, Clémentine Mazoyer, Julien Mercier, Justine Rousseau, Bassel Al Hamwi, Evan Caro / STP Productions.

These Russians who flee Putin

These Russians packed their bags the day after the invasion of Ukraine. They go alone or with family. They are engineers, computer scientists, or human rights activists. “Special Envoy” found them in Istanbul, Turkey, where their community is organizing to build a new life.

A report by Rafaële Schapira, Paulina Narichkyna, Guillaume Beaufils, Luis Marques, Karim Annette.

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