Énergie : Thierry Breton favorable à une mutualisation d'achats en Europe

Énergie : Thierry Breton favorable à une mutualisation d’achats en Europe

The European Commissioner said he was “convinced” that the Member States should pool their energy supply, like what had been done for vaccines against Covid-19.

In the event of a closure of Russian gas supplies, the European Union considers itself ready to cope. Questioned by France Inter, France Info and Le Monde, this Sunday, Thierry Breton assured that Brussels had “anticipated“this scenario, while the Russian president”uses gas as a hybrid weaponagainst Westerners.

The EU27 import approximately 155 billion m³ of Russian gas per year, specified the European Commissioner responsible for the internal market. If the Kremlin turns off the tap, “we’re holding on“, he added, detailing a battery of measures to compensate for a possible lack. A third of this total can be replaced by liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported from other nations, in particular the United States, Qatar or Norway. In addition, strengthening current supplies through various pipelines would save an additional 10 billion m³. Lowering consumption, in particular heating or air conditioning, would save 14 billion m³, and extending the nuclear power plants already in place will save the same amount.

The European Commissioner also mentioned heat pumps, the insulation of buildings, the transformation of industries that consume a lot of gas, the reopening of coal-fired power stations or the acceleration of the green transition and the deployment of renewable energies. As much “transition solutions“, sometimes damaging to the environment, which would allow the EU to face a lack of Russian gas. Member States are also preparing for winter, filling their gas tanks, which are currently full at “40%“, according to Thierry Breton, “which is much more than last year“. In theory, the reserves should be 80% full by the fall.

Reluctance of some nations

In the longer term, the European Commissioner said to himself “convincedthat European capitals should pool their energy supply, like what had been done for vaccines against Covid-19. “We need a common energy supply policy” and joint purchase, he pleaded, acknowledging that some countries, like Germany, were not there “Again» favorable. The Commission representative said he understood the reluctance of these nations, adding that he wanted to find “solidarity solutions“.

For the time being, the EU is continuing to debate the sixth set of sanctions, which “will hit Russia in the walletby introducing an embargo on oil imports. Faced with the concerns of Hungary and Slovakia, which are 100% dependent on Russian oil, “we are inventing, building a new European solidarity“, wanted to believe the former minister.

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