EN IMAGES. Stade Rennais. Le Roazhon Park, ce chaudron magique !

EN IMAGES. Stade Rennais. Le Roazhon Park, ce chaudron magique !

Roazhon Park probably broke decibel records again on Saturday. Once again, the evening turned to incandescence, to fusional happiness. “There was a crazy atmosphere, recognizes Benjamin Bourigeaud. We had a lot of fun playing. It is the victory of a whole people. It was a European Cup atmosphere, it was just magnificent. »

Under the leadership of the RCK, but not only, the red and black people responded more than present for this shock. Procession organized by the group of ultras from the Saint-Cyr park to the stadium, reception of the players with a lot of smoke bombs, tifo in honor of the Pinaults, father and son, and especially songs. Breathless chants throughout the match and especially the voice. Songs launched from everywhere and not only from the kop.

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A cut above Leicester

“I have a memory of the match against Leicester, and there I found that it was still a notch above. I am always impressed by the fervor here,” admire Martin Terrier.

More or less strong than Leicester, hard to say. And what does it matter in the end, since it was ecstatic. The atmosphere also rose as the match progressed until Rennes players and supporters extinguished the Marseille pen which made noise at the start of the match.

“I am happy to make the supporters happy, savor Bruno Genesio. When we arrived, the welcome was quite incredible. The atmosphere was extraordinary during the match. It helped us. It carried us in the first half to do a lot of pressing, and in the second half to be able to resist. »

And to thank the public for being the 12and and even the 13and man of this crucial match, the Rennes coach kept his promise to participate in the clapping in front of the kop. “It makes me happy, because they deserve it. »

Never satiated with such moments of shared happiness, this public red as embers and black as the mourning of its adversaries, only dreams of new European evenings to capsize again. To the players, Saturday, to give him this gift.

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Rennais Stadium. Roazhon Park, this magic cauldron!

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