Elden Ring : les armes et boss préférés des joueurs ! - jeuxvideo.com

Elden Ring : les armes et boss préférés des joueurs ! – jeuxvideo.com

We start the week with a little Daily not to bite beetles! On the program, how to make money on Fortnite, the players’ favorite weapons on Elden Ring and we end in style with a portal port on Nintendo 64. The Daily, here we go!

Making money in Fortnite is soon possible!

Today, Fortnite is an institution. Between its events, its secrets and its challenges, the famous Battle Royal from Epic Games has made its mark. Do you know the creative mode of Fortnite? If not, go check it out now if you want to make some money! Let’s quickly remember, players can create other experiences like maps, and share them directly, and all thanks to the creative mode. Often we find quite original things like horrific experiences, training areas, jumps into the void, escape games, proposals on the Second World War. With this, Epic Games wants to compete directly with the marketplace of the Steam online platform. Tim Sweeney, the firm’s big boss, told Fast Company magazine that players spend half their time on other players’ creations, and that it was high time to capitalize on that. For this, he intends to make available a content editor running on Unreal Engine 5, Epic’s new engine. After the creators can be paid, even if for the moment, we have no details on this economic model.

We know the players’ favorite weapons in Elden Ring

A new survey from Elden Ring developer From Software has revealed your favorite weapons, bosses and other in-game items. What charms fans above all is the universe and the story of the game, created by George RR Martin. Exploration and bosses are also greatly appreciated. On the other hand, what displeases the most are the crafting and improvement systems. On the NPC side, the little favorites are Ranni, Iron Fist Alexander and Blaidd, while Diallos and Enia are the least memorable. For the bosses, Radahn and Malenia are the little darlings, in other words the 2 toughest bosses in the game. Vagabond and Samurai are the two classes that stand out the most, which is not surprising given their versatility. Finally, the weapons, where the katanas arrive, without surprises, big winners. Elden Ring is clearly a success, as proof, three weeks after the launch of the title, Bandai Namco and From Software had already indicated that they had distributed 12 million copies worldwide.

Portal on Nintendo 64, is it possible?

We stop everything, there is Portal on Nintendo 64! Valve’s cult game offers itself a small Demake on 64. For those who don’t know what it is, a Demake is the version of a game on an old platform from the time when the game in question was not hadn’t even come out. This feat was achieved by programmer James Lambert, who has been working on the project for a long time. In his latest behind-the-scenes video, he tells us that he made huge progress on the game engine, but also that he managed to get the famous Portal Gun working. Lambert explains in the video that he would normally have already incorporated sound effects into the game, but first wanted to “verify that the Nintendo 64 could do portals.” In short, a good adaptation in perspective!

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