Elden Ring : La terrible Malenia peut-elle vaincre les autres boss du jeu ? La réponse en vidéo

Elden Ring : La terrible Malenia peut-elle vaincre les autres boss du jeu ? La réponse en vidéo

Game news Elden Ring: Can the terrible Malenia defeat the other bosses in the game? The video answer

A hit in the United States, where it is the best-selling game of the last 12 months, Elden Ring is also a worldwide success, with more than 13 million copies sold since February 25. Between speedruns, mods, and the quest for game secrets, the internet has truly taken over From Software’s latest game.

Faithful to the philosophy of the studio since it offers us a demanding experience, dangerous creatures, many secrets and huge particularly devious bosses, Elden Ring also goes further, by integrating the principles of Souls-like in a vast open world. full of secrets, corners and paths.

Malenia, the strongest boss in the game?

Some bosses, like Godrik, Rennala, Radahn, Radagon or Malenia have become iconic, and it is the latter, The Sword of Miquelle, which interests us today. Extremely powerful, hard to beat and appearing from the start of the communication, it was as much able to win the hearts of the players as to cause them to break into a cold sweat. But is she actually the strongest boss of the whole From Software game?

A Youtuber, Garden of Eyes, recently asked the question. If you mod Elden Ring, you’ve probably seen the name of the creator, since he is very active in the community. He has then created a mod, allowing Malenia, equipped with all her skills, to face the many bosses of the title.

Malenia is one of the strongest bosses in Elden Ring, so will another boss be able to beat her, or at least bring her to her second phase?

A boss truly invincible by others?

In video longer than 40 minutesMalenia, Goddess of Putrefaction, is therefore confronted with many bosses, in more than 25 fights fights that we follow in a form of spectator mode. The opportunity to see that the Soldier of Godrick is killed in one shot, but that the Fire Giant resists for a while before succumbing.

But did she manage to defeat all these enemies. Well no ! During this session, Malenia is beaten by Radahn, the Scourge of the Stars, but was never able to get close to the boss, making players a little skeptical about the mod running. She also was defeated by Malikeththe Ebony Blade, which is none other than one of the most difficult bosses in the game due to its ability to project itself from its agility.

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