Dislyte : Le RPG déjà phénomène débarque avec plein de cadeaux

Dislyte : Le RPG déjà phénomène débarque avec plein de cadeaux

Game news Dislyte: The RPG already phenomenon arrives with lots of gifts

To accompany its release, Dislyte, the RPG already phenomenon is revealed with a brand new trailer, but that’s not all. The Lilith Games game even takes the opportunity to offer many gifts to its community.

Just available and already a success

Available since May 10, Dislyte, the mobile pop-fantasy RPG, is already a great success. Well, of course, the new production is far from the nice score established by Genshin Impact when it was launched, but in less than a week, it still reached one million downloads on Google Play Store. A nice score, especially since the figures made on the App Store have not yet been disclosed.

What charmed the players above all is obviously this artistic direction which is greatly inspired by the world of manga, but also its game system. It offers participants the opportunity to recruit Espers, fighters with unique abilities, to build a dream team that requires only one thing: to fight. These famous turn-based fights can offer you to face another player as well as to team up with a friend to undermine the forces of enemies controlled by the computer.

Dislyte is a pop-fantasy RPG mixing mythological magic powers and urban settings in a very modern style. This Gacha features characters from cultures around the world. Called Espers, these heroes fight in turn-based team battles. (…) Dislyte stands out for its very clear artistic direction and its choice to associate creatures from the past and pop culture. In PvP and PvE, face bosses and enemies against a backdrop of EDM music between myth and reality.

Gifts to celebrate

Moreover, to celebrate this first feat and attract more players, the iOS and Android game now unveils many free rewards, like gold coins and core crystals, which take the form of code to enter into play.

  • Zoxlyte — 10,000 Gold and 10 Core Crystals (enter code first)
  • JoinDislyte — 100 Core Crystals and 1 Gold Disc (1 Summon)
  • LingBigYong—100,000 Gold, 50 Core Crystals, and 5 Basic Divine Wave Option Pack
  • StSkiCrimax — 1 Stamina Supply Pack, 2 Stormy Disk Fragment, 1 8h XP Booster
  • TGTyoutube — 1 Rare Starium, 4 Basic Experieum, 50 Core Crystals and 1 x 8h XP Booster
  • AviveHD — 1 Rare Starium, 4 Basic Experium, 100,000 Gold and 50 Core Crystals
  • Jontronshow — 2 Rare Capacium, 50 Core Crystals, and 100,000 Gold

To use these codes, nothing could be simpler, just go to your profile (located at the top left of the screen) and go to Settings, then Services. Once on this new tab, simply go to Gift Code and enter your code. Your rewards will then drop into your inbox.

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