Cyclisme. Essor Breton : Thomas Bonnet « (se) demande ce que Le Bon fait chez les amateurs »

Cyclisme. Essor Breton : Thomas Bonnet « (se) demande ce que Le Bon fait chez les amateurs »

Growth Breton (4th stage). Saint-Pol-de-Leon – Saint-Pol-de-Leon

If the Alsatian of Sco Dijon Pierre Gautherat (19) raised his arms in Saint-Pol-de-Léon, at the end of the 4th and penultimate stage of the Essor Breton, the big winner of the day is Johan Le Good. The leader of L’Essor 2022, since Friday’s time trial in Kerlouan, took a big step towards final victory on Sunday in Plougourvest. This Saturday, he recited a cycling lesson.

The Good: “I managed”

In the lead all day, the Dinan Sport Cycling rider perfectly controlled the attack of Thomas Bonnet, his overall runner-up, two laps from the finish to finish in the same time as the Vendéen and keep his 14 seconds of advance to general.

The features drawn on the podium, Johan Le Bon assured however to have spent a “hard day. We always worry when the second in the general attacks you, but I managed. On the bump of the circuit, he was stronger than me, but I didn’t panic. The goal was to come back to him in the last kilometer”.

Johan Le Bon benefited from the work of the teams interested in victory to catch his rival 50 m from the line. Professional work.

Bonnet: “We don’t get bored with him”

It is not Thomas Bonnet (23 years old) who will say the opposite. The Vendée U rider recognized the superiority of his elder. “Johan has been impressive since the start of L’Essor. One wonders what he does among amateurs and why he is not yet a pro. He’s a real courier, we don’t get bored with him”.

If Bonnet admires Le Bon, he intends to give him a hard time on the final stage. “We will try to attack him to see his limits. If his limits are higher than ours, we will be second and we will have no regrets”.


4th stage (Saint-Pol-de-Léon – Saint-Pol-de-Léon): 1. Pierre Gautherat (Sco Dijon), the 158.1 km in 3 h 39’13” (average 43.272 km/h); 2. J.-L. Le Ny (WB Fybolia – Morbihan) mt; 3. F. Dauphin (VCP Loudéac) mt; 4. R. Racault (Guidon Chalettois) mt; 5. T. Bonnet (Vendee U) mt; 6. N. David (UCK Vannes) mt; 7. J. Le Bon (Dinan Sport Cycling) mt; 8. F. Castellarnau (Occitane Cycling) mt; 9. F. Lecamus-Lambert (VC Rouen) mt; C. Guillon (Laval Cycling) mt

General classification : 1. Johan Le Bon (Dinan Sport Cycling); 2. T. Bonnet (Vendée U) at 14”; 3. C. Guillon (Laval Cyclisme) at 20”; 4. F. Dauphin (VCP Loudéac) at 59”; 5. Mr. Guichard (WB Fybolia – Morbihan) at 1’15”; 6. P. Gautherat (SCO Dijon) at 1’51”; 7. N. Mahoudo (VCP Loudéac) at 2’33”; 8. P. Thierry (WB Fybolia – Morbihan) at 2’59”; 9. G. Le Pennec (VCP Loudéac) at 3’12”; 10. L. Boniface (Vendée U) at 3’14”.

Additional rankings

Points: Florian Dauphin (VCP Loudéac); Climber: Johan Le Bon (Dinan Sport Cycling). Hot spots: Jason Oosthuizen (VC Rouen). Young people: Pierre Gautherat (SCO Dijon). Teams: VCP Loudéac. Fighting spirit: Axel Rome (Sojasun Espoir).

This Sunday

5th stage (Plougourvest – Plougourvest, 161.2 km). Departure (1 p.m.), Plougar (1:06 p.m.), Berven (1:17 p.m.), Plougourvest (1:22 p.m.), Landivisiau (1:38 p.m.), Loc-Eguiner (1:50 p.m.), Ploudiry (1:55 p.m.), Bodilis (2:12 p.m.), Plougar (2:22 p.m.), Plougourvest (2:29 p.m.), Guiclan (3:22 ​​p.m.), Plougourvest (3:46 p.m.), final finish after five laps (4:44 p.m.)

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