Covid : les États-Unis s'attendent à "100 millions de nouveaux cas cet hiver", Pfizer et Moderna en première ligne

Covid : les États-Unis s’attendent à “100 millions de nouveaux cas cet hiver”, Pfizer et Moderna en première ligne

Late last week, the Biden administration sounded the alarm. According to its forecasts, the United States could be hit by new waves of covid contamination in the coming months: 100 million new cases are expected between the fall and next winter.

Are we done with covid? No, according to the latest American projections. “The Biden administration is issuing a new warning that the United States could potentially see 100 million Covid-19 virus infections this fall and winter,” CNN says.

Confirmed by a senior official at the American channel, this projection is based on a double hypothesis: the absence of new resources granted by the American Congress for the fight against the disease as well as the non-appearance of a new “dramatic variant” of here there.

Joe Biden hopes for more resources

For the United States, these latest estimates should allow the country to prepare for possible new waves. CNN reports that “the Biden administration had requested $22.5 billion in additional funds for the fight against the Covid-19 virus in March as part of a large government funding program, but that sum had been withdrawn. Bill”. The White House therefore hopes that additional resources will be allocated by Congress to fight the epidemic.

However, these projections seem quite realistic in the eyes of the scientific community. The Washington Post, for example, reports that epidemiologist Ali Mokdad “stated in an email thata winter surge was likely“. The latter also provides “a modest rise in cases through the end of May, then a decline through the onset of winter.”

Pfizer and Moderna are working on new vaccines

The newspaper also reports the statements of Natalie Dean, a biostatistician at Emory University, who believes “that the longer the period between waves of coronavirus, the more people who will be vulnerable to infection due to the drop in their immunity will be high.”

To deal with these possible new waves, the Washington Post points out that one of the challenges will be to finding more effective vaccines in the coming months. The White House hopes to distribute new reminders in the fall, especially for the elderly and vulnerable.

“Pfizer and Moderna are both working on new booster shots that combine different versions of the coronavirus to protect against variants, but it is not yet known whether they will be more effective than existing vaccines”, advances the American newspaper.

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