Conférence Microsoft, 5 jeux qu’on attend !

Conférence Microsoft, 5 jeux qu’on attend !

Game news Microsoft Conference, 5 games we are waiting for!

Xbox and Bethesda have announced that they want to hold their conference of the year on June 12, 2022. This date obviously recalls the period of E3, which will not take place this year, but the one after. But this does not mean that we will have nothing to eat over this period. And who knows, maybe this conference will encourage other studios, such as Ubisoft, Sony or Electronic Arts to speak in these waters. In the meantime, let’s focus on future Xbox and Bethesda nuggets. Here are 5 titles that we are particularly looking forward to for June 12, 2022!


  • Forza
  • Starfield
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2
  • red fall
  • Other projects

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We start with heavy artillery: Forza Motorsport 8, which could simply be called Forza Motorsport. Indeed, it would be a reboot of the franchise, more organic, more technical, more realistic, but above all next gen. When it was announced, with a superb in-engine trailer, the game promised the future of arcade simulation for the new generation. Except that since the announcement, during the summer of 2020, we haven’t had much to eat. There’s a lot of talk about perfecting the physics, revamping for the simulation aspect and improvements to the online mode, but as of now we don’t have a release date or real gameplay. A few photos stolen from a pre-alpha version of the game showed pit stops, and that would run on Xbox One. So, Forza Motorsport 8 not so new-gen? When is a release date and on which platforms? Answering these questions is one of Microsoft’s many tasks for this 2022 conference.


Let’s move on to Bethesda, freshly recruited by Microsoft. Starfield is the new franchise from Bethesda and presents itself as a space RPG juggernaut. We will be able to explore and discover lots of things, for the moment still quite mysterious. Inevitably, with Bethesda, the teasing is done in dribs and drabs, and the last element to appear is obviously the gameplay, which should arrive at this famous conference on June 12. The game is scheduled for 11/11/22, a key date for Bethesda since 11/11/11 marked the launch of the firm’s most successful Skyrim. To afford this date is to promise the Moon, and hope that the new engine, which we were able to appreciate in the teaser of the game, will delight us. It must be said that Bethesda must redeem itself after a Fallout 4 which did not please the players at the exit. It is still today rated 5.6/10 on Metacritic. And the same with Fallout 76 which had a disastrous launch. Starfield is therefore the perfect opportunity to prove that Bethesda studios still know how to make great games, especially with The Elder Scrolls 6 in sight.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

3rd game to expect at Xbox, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. We saw gameplay in a heavily scripted sequence at The Game Awards 2021, which is why it seems logical that we’ll see more details this year, just to heat up the crowds. Hellblade is the adventure of Senua, a young Pict who, in the first episode of the saga, makes an incredible journey to the confines of hell to accompany the soul of her beloved. A completely crazy epic, which charmed millions of players and which motivated the takeover of the Ninja Theory studio by Xbox. Now working on the Unreal Engine 5, the teams promise a real gap between the plastic of the first game and that of the second. They also talk about new features that we will gradually discover, and a rebalancing of the fight that really needed it.

red fall

Still at Bethesda, with red fall, a game that shone when it was announced in the summer of 2021, and which since then has not really left us with too much information. It is an open world FPS with solo and co-op. Several characters are playable and each have their own abilities. The main goal of a team is to kill as many vampires as possible. Over the months, we were able to learn the specificities of each of the 4 characters. We find a telekineticist, a combat engineer, a sniper and a cryptozoologist! In short, the game is developed by Arkane Austin, and is scheduled for the summer of 2022. In recent weeks, echoes of play-tests have appeared, and feedback reports a Borderlands-like in coop with loot, bosses, progression and lots of weapons, including obviously a stake thrower. Other info, it would be a TPS-FPS, where you could choose between the first or 3rd person view and change according to the situation. So we can’t wait to see more.

Other projects

As you know, Xbox has become a big team in recent years and we would like to hear from Everwild, the poetic game of Rare, the after Sea of ​​Thieves for the studio. We can also mention Perfect Dark, a project by Xbox studio The Initiative, co-created with Crystal Dynamics, which has just been sold by Square Enix to Embracer Group. It would be a question here of reassuring on the project, which is in a phase of floating with the public. Then we obviously have the Obsidian games, The Outer Worlds 2, even if the first opus was not perfect. Let’s also remember that the studio has a certain Avowed in the boxes, a sort of revamped Dark Messiah. It will appeal to the older ones, but for the newbies, it would be an action adventure game with conventional first-person combat, but also magical combat. We could also have mentioned the Indiana Jones game, made official a long time ago. Rumors are swirling about a possible Doom 3, which would follow up the excellent Doom Eternal. Note that we have voluntarily excluded the Activision Blizzard line-up, since the takeover by Xbox is still not validated by the authorities. It only remains to know if there will be a few words on the future of the brand, or clues about an upcoming takeover, because we know that Xbox will not stop there.

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