Cocaïne saisie à Romont (FR): la police privilégie la piste de l'erreur de livraison

Cocaïne saisie à Romont (FR): la police privilégie la piste de l’erreur de livraison

Since the announcement of the discovery of 500 kilos of cocaine on the site of the Nespresso factory in Romont (FR), both the police and the inhabitants have been surprised by the extent of the seizure. For now, investigators seem to favor a delivery error.

More than 500 kilos of 80% pure cocaine were discovered Thursday in a shipment of coffee beans delivered to the Nespresso factory in Romont. It would be the second largest catch made in Switzerland (in 2019, 603 kilos of cocaine were found on board private jets in Basel).

The drugs were hidden in containers from Brazil, which would then have passed through Antwerp, Belgium, and Basel before being delivered to the factory. Its sale value on the market is estimated at more than 50 million francs.

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Delivery error?

But, given its size, did the goods really have to arrive in Friborg land? According to the investigators, the drug was certainly intended for the European market, but perhaps not for Switzerland. The police only communicates little information, the investigations being in progress. Investigators are, however, considering the trail of a delivery error.

“Such a quantity is unusual for Friborg and for all of Switzerland. It should have been intercepted between Brazil, where the goods left, and Romont, where it was seized”, advances in the 7:30 p.m. Ramon Mooser, chief of the narcotics squad. Furthermore, “coffee smells strong and can hide the smell of cocaine and embarrass dogs that are trained to detect it”.

The Friborg security police also rule out any link with another drug trafficking case recently dismantled in Romont.

For its part, Nespresso does not comment on the ongoing investigation but specifies that it alerted the police immediately after discovering the suspicious substance.

“Spectacular seizure”

Questioned in the 7:30 p.m. on this important discovery, Frank Zobel, deputy director of Swiss Addiction, speaks of a seizure “spectacular, it is the equivalent of the annual consumption of the canton of Vaud in terms of cocaine. But it is very unlikely that this cocaine was destined for Switzerland. It was probably to be taken when it arrived in Europe, in the Antwerp area, it was to be taken out of the container, but something went wrong…”.

>> The interview with Frank Zobel, deputy director of Swiss Addiction, in the 7:30 p.m.:

Frank Zobel, deputy director of Swiss Addiction, looks back on the record cocaine seizure in Romont and takes stock of drug consumption in Switzerland / 7:30 p.m. / 3 min. / Friday at 7:30 p.m.

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