Chrome, Firefox, Edge... Le classement des navigateurs web chamboulé

Chrome, Firefox, Edge… Le classement des navigateurs web chamboulé

News hardware Chrome, Firefox, Edge… The ranking of web browsers turned upside down

If Google Chrome still tops the charts, regardless of the medium used, a small revolution is underway in so-called “desktop” browsers where Safari has just lost its second place.

Unbeatable Google Chrome, leader of web browsers on all media

The stats of the day come straight from the specialist of the genre, the famous
well known for providing extremely reliable, and above all independent, data on the market shares of different operating systems, social networks, search engines and web browsers, the subject of this news.

Every month, for years, we can tirelessly observe the same ranking, outrageously dominated by Google with Chrome and its 60 to 70% market sharedepending on the media.

In second place, we find Safari, which equips all Apple devices by default and which peaks around 20% market share, and then we observe a small four-way battle for third place between Edge, Firefox, Opera and Samsung Internet, the default browser that equips all Samsung mobile devices on the market.

Safari loses second place in the desktop market

If we have been able to observe a certain stability at the global level, on the side of desktop computers, the gap between Chrome and its pursuers is even greater and flirts with monopoly.

Chrome’s market share peaks at nearly 70% and if Safari has maintained its second place for a few years around 10%, it is an ex-newcomer who has just stolen this coveted place of dolphin, namely Edge from Microsoft, the famous successor to Internet Explorer, which still exists and still records nearly 1% market share despite its official shutdown several years ago.

Chrome, Firefox, Edge... The ranking of web browsers turned upside down

So certainly the difference is not very big, 10.07% for Edge against 9.61% for Safari, but it shows a clear progression on the part of Edge which has not stopped picking up points for several months and more particularly since the release of Windows 11 which, let’s remember, offers the default browser and clearly does not encourage change.

Then come Firefox, which continues to exist proudly with its 7.86% and finally Opera with 2.43% market share. All the other operators (Brave, Vivaldi, etc.) finally share the remaining 3.39%.

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