Chris Paul échoue encore une fois : attention à la tache sur le CV

Chris Paul échoue encore une fois : attention à la tache sur le CV

The elimination of the Suns by the Mavericks after a one-sided Game 7 caused a strong reaction from the whole basketball world. In the aftermath of a collective shipwreck, it is necessary to mention the case of Chris Paul. Completely in the West (lol) since the series switched to Texas ten days ago, he will have greatly contributed to precipitating his people into the abyss…

The keys to this historic regular season offered by the Suns are multiple. We can talk about Devin Booker, the number one offensive option on this team and engine of scoring for Phoenix. There is also Mikal Bridges, the individual embodiment of all the defensive power that Monty Williams’ group represents. In the paint is Deandre Ayton and his affinity for cleaning the hoops. But above all, there is Chris Paul. The veteran point guard has been the metronome, the playing master… any term to describe the one who dictates the tempo, calms things down when necessary and creates the openings for buddies. When a player of this stature misses a match, the result at the end is strongly affected, especially in form. Of course, no one is perfect and air pockets do happen. However, missing five games in a row in a series that includes seven, it immediately sounds less natural. Taken defensively and never in the rhythm in attack since Game 3 and his 37th birthday, Chris Paul simply went through, putting the chances of his people in danger. The maestro who released the beginning of a series of bosses completely collapsed, chaining turnovers in Game 3, fouls in Game 4, without ever finding the right path behind. No impact, in the game and even in the leadership, the opposite of what Chris is supposed to bring to a team like the Suns. Was he physically diminished at the end of the series as Marc J. Spears ofESPN imply it? Maybe, but the result is clear: loss of 27 points in the sixth round, loss of 33 points last night. Terrible for those whose CV in the Playoffs already contains several spots…

Let’s take a step back. At the Clippers, during the first half of the 2010s, Chris Paul was in the prime of his gigantic individual career but crashed several times with his team. We stop in 2014, the year the Clips lost against the Thunder in semi-conf’ after the CP3 bankruptcy in the turning point represented by Game 5. We have not forgotten the terrible sequence in the money time of this match ( two ball losses, a 3-point foul in the last minute for Paul). The following year, Game 6 against the Rockets in the Western half. While leading 3-1 in the series, the Clips have the match point at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, but it chokes monstrously hard. 40-15 in the last quarter, the match is lost and the defeat is far too important in the minds to prevent James Harden from folding the case in Houston in Game 7. At the Rockets in 2018, we necessarily think of the Game 7 against the Warriors. Author of a series of absolute genius, it was from the bleachers (cursed ischio) that he watched his people sink in the face of the Warriors who then write their history in golden ink. Landed with the Suns with summer ambitions in 2020, he is very close to the title in the 2021 Finals against Milwaukee, but the Bucks win four games in a row after Phoenix’s two initial victories. A bit like against the Mavs last night, CP3 saw its level drop sharply after a very big start to the final. A new failure that hurts when the Point God had things in hand.

Now that this series against Dallas – as crappy as possible – is behind him and that he is once again making his way to Cancun in May, we will have to discuss Chris Paul as a whole. By global, we don’t mean doing a hair analysis – there wouldn’t be much to say – or talking about your textile choices, but about your career and the mark it will leave. The legacy of the Point God has once again taken the lead in the wing, he who is one of the main responsible for the premature elimination of Phoenix. Of course, no question either of reasoning in “culture of the moment” mode, no. No low level reviews. Just the fact that tells us that the ringleader faked a poo series. The title was offered to him last year, he could not conquer it, he went to a Greek. At 37, there won’t be many attempts left. We obviously want him to get the ring for all of his work and especially to change the narrative from his view. Today, when we talk about his career path, we can’t get our minds off his failures on the big stage of the Playoffs. If Chris Paul is a remarkable player capable of sublimating the game, he also has the reputation of crashing when he shouldn’t. A reputation that has gained even more credibility since last night’s fiasco.

It is difficult to come back to the performance of Chris Paul, but the observation is very cold. There will no longer be a lot of chances for the Point God to win a title. The times he had a serious opportunity to do so, he missed it for sporting or physical reasons. Pay attention to the trace that this will leave at the end of the fair.

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