Pat Beverley craque et allume Chris Paul : “Il est incapable de défendre, toute la NBA le sait”

Chris Paul allumé à la TV par Patrick Beverley : “Il est incapable de défendre”

Who rushed to the Get Up set at 9:30 a.m. (US time) to celebrate the Suns’ elimination and Chris Paul specifically ? Good old Patrick Beverley, of course! Obviously, the Minnesota Timberwolves point guard did not digest his confusion with CP3 and he did not miss the opportunity to unbolt the icon and to affirm that the All-Star point guard was overrated and trickster, particularly in defense.

Beverley will pass for a hater (he is), an embittered guy (he is), but we can only salute the sense of entertainment with which he dressed himself early in the morning to go and pour out his bile. Very high art, whether we agree or not with his assertions.

“Do guys go to bed early before I play the Phoenix Suns? Of course not! I’m just talking about Chris Paul, not the team. The night before, I make myself a nice steak and wine, then I only prepare to face him during the warm-up before the match. For Stephen Curry, I go to bed at 8 p.m. and I tell my mother and my girlfriend not to call me.

No one fears Chris Paul in the NBA when you face the Suns. I’m just telling you what the league players think. He manipulates the game so much that he gets all the petty whistles, all the sweeps of the ball with his hands…

“Turn it on like you turned on Ben Simmons and Paul George!”

You want me to be frank? He should have been ejected in game 7! And in the game before too! Watch the slow motion action on Brunson. He hits him in the shoulder and in the mouth, but the referees didn’t whistle. If I had done that, they would have watched the slow motion. But as it is him, we do not sanction. I do not distort the truth, he should have been ejected for 6 faults. He is unable to defend! Really ! He can’t, everyone knows that. People don’t tell you the truth because you’re in a suit. Me, I don’t care.

Chris Paul is incapable of defending on anyone and the whole NBA knows it. It’s a cone. See the cones we use to train in the summer? Well it is one. You don’t want to accept it because it’s Chris Paul. Turn it on like you turned on Paul George and Ben Simmons.”

Not sure that CP3 deigns to answer him. He already has a lot to do to digest the elimination before concentrating on the chirps of Beverley.

Chris Paul who is still out after leading 2-0, it’s a task

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