Your smartphone battery is almost always flat? Even if you charge the device to 100%, for some time, you find that the autonomy is not at all as efficient as before and that the battery never lasts long enough. Granted, there are various reasons for this problem, but maybe it stems from a new bug found in Google Messages. It is an application installed by default on most Android mobiles. Apparently, if you don’t use it properly, it drains your battery and even overheats the device.

low phone battery

Low cell phone battery – Source: spm

According to information published by the Spanish-speaking technology portal El Android Libre, the error occurs when you open the camera to send a photo or video to your contacts: leaving the application open in the background, it continues to consume resources while you are using other platforms and one of those important resources is the battery.

Some Smartphones, especially with Android version 12, can see the error by looking at the status bar at the top. If a green dot appears, that means the Messages app is still running in the background. We will provide you with the steps to follow to avoid this problem.

messages on phone

Messages on phone – Source: spm

  • First, in the mobile navigation bar, click on the “Recents” touch button, the one that appears with the three vertical stripes icon or next to the home button at the bottom of the screen. Here all background windows and apps will open, you will also see an option to “Close All”, click on it.
  • Then, enter the “Settings” of your Android device: it is the icon in the form of a cogwheel or a gear.
  • Go to the section called “Applications”. Any apps you have installed on your phone will appear, look for one that says “Messages” or “Messages from Google.” Press it.
  • Locate in the “Access” section, click on it and two subsections will appear: “With authorization” and “Without authorization”.
  • At first, tap on the “Camera” option.
  • Finally, select “Do not allow”.

There you go, by following all these steps well, you will be able to remove the camera permissions from the Google Messages app, so that your Smartphone’s battery does not run out in a few hours or even minutes. However, if you want to text a photo or video to your contacts, then you will need to grant the permissions again (performing the same steps).

  • Download the “Battery Sound Notification” app from Google Play Store.
  • Grant the corresponding permissions so that it can work smoothly.
  • Remember that the application is completely free and you will not have to make any type of payment.
  • Open the app and go to “Settings”.
  • Tap the “+” symbol on the app. You will see three sections: “Mode”, “Sound” and “General”.
  • In “Mode” choose “Full Battery” option and write the percentage level, the mobile will give an alert if it reaches 70%, 80%, 90% charge, etc. depending on your setup.
  • Finally, in “Sound”, use “Text to speech” and write the sentence which can be: “Your Smartphone is already full”.
phone brightness

Phone brightness – Source: spm

According to the website, here’s what you can do to extend your smartphone’s battery life:

  • Limit your notifications
  • Adjust your location services settings
  • Less background activity
  • Adjust your screen brightness
  • Adjust screen timeout settings
  • Check for operating system updates
  • Protect your cell phone from extreme temperatures

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