Pièces de 2 euros

Ces pièces de 2 euros peuvent valoir une petite fortune si vous en avez, vous pouvez devenir riche

If you have coins left, check them before going to the post office to exchange them. Indeed, find out if you do not have a rare 2 euro coin in your wallet. This one could be worth a fortune online! Unlike the pound, which is specific to the UK, 19 countries use the euro and each of them mints its own amounts almost every year. We reveal more details in the following lines!

2 euro coin: a real treasure for collectors

Every year, each country in the European Union can issue up to two popular 2 euro commemorative coins. Issues from small countries like Monaco, San Marino or Vatican City are those that are the rarest. But also the most expensive and valuable. And know that some are worth a fortune!

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Over time, the value of these old coins increases and can reach several thousand euros. It is therefore a good idea to collect all the 2 euro coins. Because yes, there are some who can pay very dearly for them. Then discover without further delay that these rare corners are worth a fortune! However, it is best to assess your corners visually. Indeed, it is the best way to avoid bad estimates as well as different forms of scams!

The Vatican commemorative coin

Why are Vatican 2 euro coins so expensive? They all look the same on the front, but on the back (where the queen is), each country has its own standard design as well as special editions. Collectors all over the world appreciate them for many reasons. Indeed, customers choose them particularly for their rarity and their religious associations.

rare and valuable 2 euro coins
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Also be aware that these corners are quite popular on the French market. However, these are already widely dispersed. So it will take you some time to find one at “a reasonable price”. However, be aware that a 2 euro coin from the Vatican is worth €154.95! Yes, it was not a joke that you were told that you could become rich overnight!

List of 2 euro coins that are very expensive

As a reminder, the commemorative coins Grace Kelly were put on the market in 2007, in a very limited series of currencies. Collectors could buy it for around 600 euros to acquire it. Some were even ready to pay for “more than 1,000 euros”. This is the most sought after and expensive 2 euro coin.

As part of the French coins issued in 2004, two copies of San Marino are worth 600 euros! Some can even go up to more than €1,000. Unfortunately, there are only 130,000 units sold worldwide. For information, the inner part of it represents the caricature of the writer and numismatist Bartolomeo. Basically, it’s to pay homage to him! So pay attention to the 2 euro coins that are in your piggy banks.

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