Ce site génial vous permet de rendre fous des officiels russes grâce à une blague téléphonique

Ce site génial vous permet de rendre fous des officiels russes grâce à une blague téléphonique

Hacktivists have found perhaps the most absurd, poetic and funny way to put a few grains of sand in the great Russian state machine that is waging its war against Ukraine.

As Wired reports, a site called WasteRussianTime.today allows – when it works – to put two Russian officials in telephone contact and to listen secretly, and with fun, to their questions in the face of this unexpected call.

In a few clicks, it is thus possible to waste time and probably a little patience on people who absolutely do not understand why and how other people call them, and lose the same amount of time and patience.

The small hacker organization goes by the name of Obfuscated Dreams of Scheherazade. It is therefore logically a question of obfuscation, this strategy consisting in drowning a target with data to make him lose track of things, in particular designed to deceive surveillance and regain a little privacy on the networks.

“We hope for confusion, that they are annoyed, and that Russian speakers end up listening to interesting conversations”explains to Wired one of the members of the Obfuscated Dreams of Scheherazade. “This war started in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in Putin’s circles of power, and that’s where we want to disturb and disrupt them.”

The phone is crying (from laughter)

The numbers used by WasteRussianTime.today are not the contacts of any lost officials of a forgotten lost and found service deep in the great desert Siberia.

The team responsible for the site has based its system on the contacts of important and high-level officials in various crucial administrations that other hackers – even more recently the Ukrainian government – ​​have made public in recent months or years.

It is thus a question of more than 5,000 numbers, fixed or mobile, belonging in particular to the military, members of the military police, the FSB, or to members and employees of the Duma. The site operates through VoIP calls made to around forty numbers.

When two of these forty numbers respond, they are matched; the people who initiated this little Dada hoax against the war can only listen, the Obfuscated Dreams of Scheherazade having wished to protect them from any blunder that could identify them.

Sometimes unavailable, WasteRussianTime.today has not gone unnoticed and is the subject of regular attacks, including denial of service, against which hackers employ the services of a company specializing in cybersecurity.

As for Bellingcat’s Christo Grozev, whose extraordinary investigative work inspired the creation of WasteRussianTime.today, he notes that the joke, amusing as it is, and which he describes as “a brilliant psychological operation”can have harmful and unforeseen consequences.

“Every time something like this is made public, all the institutions concerned can change their phone numbers, and that is not good for investigations, especially journalistic ones”explains one of the popes of OSINT, open source intelligence.

Nevertheless, being able to both let off steam after receiving thousands of robocalls and scams “regarding your CPF account” and wasting some time – in a peaceful or even funny way – for the Russian war machine is perhaps priceless.

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