Ce PC fixe gamer dernière génération avec RTX 3070 est à bon prix, et il est personnalisable.

Ce PC fixe gamer dernière génération avec RTX 3070 est à bon prix, et il est personnalisable.

News good plan This latest generation fixed gaming PC with RTX 3070 is at a good price, and it is customizable.

Do you want an overpowered gaming PC without having to assemble it? Cybertek offers the Mercury Tower already assembled and customizable with the latest components on the market. With its Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card and Intel i5 12600KF processor, no AAA game will resist it. A monster of power capable of running Cyberpunk 2077 at over 130 FPS.

The Cybertek Mercure Gamer PC concentrates the latest technologies from Nvidia and Intel

Cybertek is a manufacturer known and recognized for its overpowered gaming configurations. The Mercury model is no exception with a PC Gamer capable of tackling, without compromise, any game on the market. As a bonus, the price remains contained at €1,899!

Buy the Cybertek Mercury at 1899€ at Cybertek

In the end, what matters most is what’s inside the beast. We find the Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card capable of swallowing FPS even in Ultra mode. It can also run compatible games in RayTracing for ultra realistic light and shadow rendering. This consumes more graphics card resources, reducing performance slightly, but the payoff is worth it.

At the center of the system, Cybertek chooses the Intel Core i5 12600KF processor with 10 cores, clocked at 4.9 GHz in turbo mode. A perfect pairing with an RTX 3070. If this already colossal performance is not enough, it is overclockable to get the most out of it. It is a question of increasing the frequency of the processor manually by increasing the speed and the voltage of this one. This method is generally safe if operated with care. Intel even encourages the process with tutorials on its site. Some users thus easily exceed 5 GHz.

Cybertek offers component customization as a bonus

In addition to having a last generation configuration, it is possible to personalize it. Depending on the needs, Cybertek offers to replace certain components to further improve performance or reduce the price. The processor can in particular be swapped for an Intel Core i3, for a saving of €215 or for an Intel Core i7 increasing by €160.

Aesthetic level, there is something for everyone, without weighing down the bill, ranging from +45€ to -15€. With or without glass, black or white, RGB or classic, it’s up to you to choose the perfect case!

The customization phase also makes it easy to add the operating system which is not included as standard. There is a choice of Windows 10 or 11. Storage is not left out, with a 2TB or 4TB hard drive in addition to the 1TB already present.

Buy the Cybertek Mercury at 1899€ at Cybertek

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