Call of Duty Warzone : Godzilla et King Kong débarquent, tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur Opération Monarch

Call of Duty Warzone : Godzilla et King Kong débarquent, tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur Opération Monarch

Game News Call of Duty Warzone: Godzilla and King Kong land, everything you need to know about Operation Monarch

Call of Duty Warzone today presents a major partnership (and that’s the least we can say): Operation Monarch is bringing Godzilla and King Kong into the famous battle royale. And they are both particularly angry.


Activision had announced it a few days ago: Godzilla and King Kong were coming to Call of Duty Warzone through Operation Monarch, a new temporary event. This one is now launched since today, will end on May 25th and will revolve around Caldera, the recent exotic battle royale map. A brand new trailer has also been released.which you can find above in our video player.

So, what’s up with Operation Monarch? First of all, a new game mode with Resurgence bases and sixty players : these must team up and find Monarch Files in supply crates, special drops, fallen enemies… or directly by attacking the two Titans, determined to put the island upside down.

The small advantage of recovered Monarchs Files is that they will allow you to unlock drops and killstreaks: one of these is quite simply a Titan killstreak, thus allowing you to use Godzilla or King Kong to defeat his opponents. Note that from time to time, the two monsters will go into a frenzied state, leaving players with only two choices: flee and dodge their wrath or attack them directly, in the hopes of causing enough damage and turning them against their opponents.

Kong of Duty

To go along with this rather original event, know that it is also available for Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla and King Kong skins: the opportunity to walk on Caldera with the appearance either very reptilian, or apelike of the two titans, with even weapon skins for the occasion. These can be purchased in the store.

At last, note that Operation Monarch has updated the Runway, Peak and Lagoon maps. Peak has expanded accessibility to the Fortress, Mountaintop, and Volcano with new tunnels and stairs; Runway afforded itself new barracks, hangars, and other structures. Finally, Lagoon has been given new paths and a never-before-seen sandy beach.

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