Business. Les ambitions de Label’Vie en France - Médias24

Business. Les ambitions de Label’Vie en France – Médias24

Médias24: The Label’Vie group has started to take over management of certain Carrefour hypermarkets in France. How was this partnership with the French group set up? And what is it?

Brahim Lemsefer: This operation is part of our strategic geographic expansion plan. Carrefour has been our reference partner for more than twelve years.

We therefore began discussions about our development possibilities in France, and saw to what extent these could fit into the transformation plan initiated by the Carrefour group.

This lease-management operation therefore accelerates the completion of important projects for our two groups. It consists of managing the business assets of stores in difficulty for local management, in order to respond more effectively to the specific needs of customers and reconnect with growth.

This model also guarantees Carrefour compliance with the charters and concepts in force within the stores.

– How many hypermarkets do you manage and with what staff? Where are they located?

– On that date, we took over the management of four hypermarkets: three in Marseille and the region, and one in Grenoble, with just over 1,200 employees.

– How was the transfer done, especially with the French staff who were worried to see a new manager arrive?

– First of all, Carrefour has implemented a social clause with its trade unions, thus guaranteeing a certain number of remuneration conditions and benefits to its employees affected by the transfers.

Today, and following our four store takeovers, we are infusing our teams with the human values ​​that drive us and are part of our group’s DNA on a daily basis.

We give store teams more autonomy and encourage initiative. The managerial proximity of our directors and managers, as well as the first internal promotions announced, have also demonstrated that our management model can allow rapid access to positions of responsibility.

In addition, the forums for information and sharing of social and economic news, held since the start of the project, indicate a peaceful and positive situation.

– How many stores, number of employees, etc., are you targeting? And what are the regions where you plan to be present?

– We intend to take over two other hypermarkets in the coming months, in Vitrolles (Marseille region) and Aulnay-sous-Bois (Paris region), for approximately 850 additional direct jobs.

– The French press speaks of a rental-management operation of stores that are not profitable. If these stores are not profitable, what interest for Label’Vie to take them over? Do you identify untapped potential? If so, what is the Label’Vie method for making a French hypermarket financially viable?

– We are indeed taking over stores in an unfavorable economic situation. On the other hand, they all benefit from a good flow of customers, a notoriety and very interesting market shares.

We are therefore convinced that with a decentralized and agile management method, our stores will return to profitable growth. Decision-making agility is a determining factor in returning to profitability.

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