Boxe: Yoka avait le nez fracturé avant de combattre Bakole

Boxe: Yoka avait le nez fracturé avant de combattre Bakole

RMC SPORT INFO – Beaten by Martin Bakole on decision this Saturday evening at Bercy, Tony Yoka suffered his first defeat among the pros. Quickly abused, the 2016 Olympic champion was not up to the challenge offered by the Congolese. In his defense, and even if this is not an excuse to explain his setback, the French boxer had suffered a major nose injury during his training camp.

No excuses. No pretense. Manhandled by Martin Bakole this Saturday evening at Bercy, counted twice by the referee, overwhelmed by the power of the Congolese, Tony Yoka did not seek to escape reality when commenting on his first defeat in the professional ranks: “Martin was the strongest in the ring”. After missing his biggest meeting, the 2016 Olympic champion could have tried to drown the fish.

Because the French heavyweight had a mitigating circumstance on the physical level, which does not explain his setback but makes it possible to better understand why his nose quickly exploded under the blows of Bakole. Souleymane Cissokho, close to Yoka with whom he shared the Olympic adventure in Rio, revealed the matter in the latest issue of RMC Fighter Club, the RMC Sport podcast on combat sports in which he officiates as a consultant.

“What we don’t know is that Tony broke his nose during his training camp, says the WBA Inter-Continental super-welterweight champion. Putting on gloves was complicated between his bar helmet and the many bleedings. We take a small hit in terms of confidence, it plays on morale. A boxer who is 100% ready does not worry and has no apprehension, he will go for it 100%, while in the unconscious the one who has had an injury will put a little brake. I spoke a lot to his entourage and this is the first fight where they were worried because it was not obvious with this fracture in the nose You could even see his crooked nose in pre-fight interviews.”

And Souleymane Cissokho to continue the explanations thanks to his experience between the ropes: “When you do a training camp and you bleed every time you put on the gloves, it’s very complicated for morale. boxer who is 100% ready is a boxer who does not worry, who has no apprehension and who will go all out while the one who has had an injury will put the brakes on a little, he will say to himself always ‘but my nose…’ We’re not looking for an excuse but it’s unconscious. Losing a lot of blood like that is not pleasant. You’re breathing very badly, you’re like in apnea.”

The scenario of the fight, with from the beginning of big blows taken which reopened his nose and made the blood flow, quickly put this wound on the carpet and did not allow him to install his confidence or to breathe well. He will still have been able to show his courage by not giving up in the pain. Given the difference between the two in the ring, the result would probably have been the same without this broken nose before the fight. But she clearly did not help the French boxer. Who will now “may have to change some things”, as he announced after his defeat, to bounce back and move forward.

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