Bordeaux Mercato : le club a trouvé le successeur de David Guion !

Bordeaux Mercato : le club a trouvé le successeur de David Guion !

Bordeaux Mercato: Last in Ligue 1 and almost condemned to the descent, Bordeaux is about to complete a cycle. And the Girondins have already found a successor to David Guion.

Bordeaux Mercato: Laurent Batlles to succeed David Guion?

While the current coach of the Girondins, David Guionfailed to remedy the situation of Girondins of Bordeaux, current bottom of the Ligue 1 championship, the leaders of the 2009 French champion have already thought of finding a replacement for him. And they would have already ticked off a name: Laurent Batlles. Former coach of ESTAC Troyes, who remained in Ligue 1 for the first time this season with Bruno Irles, Laurent Batlles had decided to leave the Aube club despite good results.

A decision that had been respected by the leaders despite their disappointment. In effect, Laurent Batlles allowed Troyes to go back to Ligue 1 last season, with the key to a title of champion of France in Ligue 2. Moreover, Battles had almost left the promoted Aube at the time for Montpellier, just after celebrating the title. His arrival at Bordeaux would therefore be good news, since the 46-year-old French coach has already had success in Ligue 2. Laurent Batlles would be attentive to the various benches in Ligue 1 and especially to those who could free themselves. According to the teamhe would not be against the idea of ​​training the club with the scapular.

David Guion expected to leave for the Girondins

For his part, the current coach of the Girondins David Guion is out of contract at the end of this season. He failed to redress the situation of the Bordeaux club, despite a past full of success with the Reims stadium (the club had first moved up to Ligue 1, then had almost been European during the 2019-2020 season). Arrived in February on the bench of the Girondins, who were already in the red zone, David Guion could not do better than his predecessor, Vladimir Petkovic.

The Bordeaux coach should therefore leave the club at the end of the season. His contract, which ends in June, simply included a clause allowing him to activate an additional year in case of maintenance in Ligue 1. This Sunday, Bordeaux is 20th one day from the end, and is heading straight for Ligue 2 with 3 points behind on FC Metz (18th) and a very unfavorable goal difference. Moreover, The Team specifies that the technician’s salary, which amounts to €90,000 monthly gross is an obstacle to his retention in Ligue 2. In other words, the future of David Guion should not drag on in Bordeaux.

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