BILLET / Nantes - Stade rennais : Rennes, ou l’art de se compliquer la tâche

BILLET / Nantes – Stade rennais : Rennes, ou l’art de se compliquer la tâche

While the derby against Nantes was shaping up to be one of the most affordable of its 3 end-of-season finals before Marseille and Lille, Stade Rennes failed at La Beaujoire (1-2), and with style.

Old demons apparently always resurface eventually. Three matches, three finals. The picture was clear at the dawn of this 36and day for Rennes. Beat Nantes, Marseille then Lille and the 2and place was in the pocket. Certainly the challenge was daunting, but the Nantes rival having celebrated the Coupe de France all weekend seemed to be one of the most affordable opponents of this triptych of meetings, before a reception from Marseille always complicated, and a trip to Lille recalling the bad memory of 2007.

Well Stade Rennes did not miss the opportunity to impale themselves on the rock of Loire-Atlantique. After having painfully led in the score (Tait, 31and) following a failed start to the match in terms of intensity, technical mastery and commitment, Rennes was surprised by a goal from Coulibaly where the culprits played as a team: Gomis on a catastrophic full-axis relaunch, Tait beaten in the first aerial duel, Truffert in the second, Santamaria missing his intervention against Bukari, then Omari and Traoré failing to get out a cross from the right.

A first goal which, as too often this season, brings back not only to the “kindness” of the Rennais on certain defensive phases, but also to the absence of a professional central defender in the absence of Aguerd suspended. On the action of this goal, Santamaria misses his intervention but is above all badly placed at the start of the action, a more forgivable subtlety for a midfielder as a firefighter on duty at the hinge last night, nonsense for a team aiming for the podium, let’s remember it once again. Without Aguerd this season, Rennes have lost 6 out of 9 times.

Gomis at the heart of the critics

“There is a phase where we don’t have the ball, with duels, second balls, and there we were eaten. » conceded Bruno Genesio after the match. On Nantes’ second goal, 4 Canaries are alone in marking on a corner played in two stages, leaving Pallois time to arm a sumptuous volley, offering Gomis a new opportunity not to be decisive. The goalkeeper back and installed illico in the goals instead of Dogan Alemdar is again this morning at the heart of criticism. If he is not the only culprit, his tenure raises questions with regard to a game during which he will never have reassured, especially at the foot, like all this season.

But Rennes also ate the sheet in front. Little in sight throughout the game, Laborde missed two opportunities at close range from a corner, with a header (18and) then at the second post especially (62and). Important at the start of the actions, Terrier had too few chances to strike. In all, Rennes struck 17 times but framed only 5 times. For its part, Nantes scored twice on its 3 shots on target (9 shots in all), against an SRFC with 70% possession, and late changes again. “I am as much, if not more, responsible for this performance.” conceded yesterday a Bruno Genesio having waited for the 74and minute and the 2and Nantes goal to operate a rotation, in reaction, having changed nothing or almost.

Missed appointment

Rennes supporters are starting to know the song this season, Flavien Tait too. In the mixed zone yesterday, like Jonas Martin, the midfielder was dejected, almost tired of this repetition of the scenario, often the same for a Rennes with 12 defeats in 36 days, ” too much “ for Genesis.

It is certain that the Rennais no longer have the right to lose if they still want to believe in a good outcome at the end of the season. Nice (63 points) and Monaco (65 points) did not miss their shots and are now ahead of Rennes (62 points), 5and before the last two days. Stade Rennais will receive Marseille before going to Lille, Monaco will challenge Brest then Lens, while Nice will play Lille and end their season in Reims. Before this 36and day, Rennes had its destiny in its hands, this is no longer the case. As too often in its history, the SRFC has complicated the task.

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