Battlefield 2042 : une mise à jour 4.1 disponible demain, et elle va supprimer un mode à 128 joueurs...

Battlefield 2042 : une mise à jour 4.1 disponible demain, et elle va supprimer un mode à 128 joueurs…

Still far from being adopted by fans and the curious, Battlefield 2042 continues to chain updates to raise the bar. The next in date, numbered 4.1, will bring a major change to one of the most popular modes, starting tomorrow on pc, playstation and Xbox.

The mode Breakthrough will indeed only become playable at 64 players on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|She who was up to 128 players on these platforms. DICE felt that games with a smaller number of participants would be more interesting, but will keep the possibility of playing at 128 on Conquest in next gen. The cards of Breakthrough on next gen won’t all change though: Dump, Manifest, Orbital and Kaleidoscope will keep the same size, while hourglass, Breakup and Renewal will take the form of old gen.

The 4.1 update brings otherwise a reduction in overall turret power SG-36removes the supply of plates via the supply bag fromAngelor improved aim assist on moving targets : full details are available below.

Update 0.4.1

Fixes, changes and improvements


  • Vehicle Aim Sensitivity and Free View (Transport Vehicle) Sensitivity to Controller apply correctly.
  • Improved aim assist with moving targets.
  • Aim assist should no longer acquire targets through thin obstacles.
  • You should no longer see the “You have been promoted” screen at the end of a round if you do not rank up.
  • Reduced response time (input lag) on ​​all platforms.
  • Trigger pressure adjustment, for more responsiveness in the event of successive command entries.


  • Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3 announcers have been remastered with new radio sound effects.

Battlefield Portal

  • Specialists have the correct end of round animations in Battlefield Portal modes.
  • The following changes have been made to the Extreme models in the Battlefield Editor to be more consistent with our featured experiences.

    • Activation of HUD in Extreme models.
    • Disabled minimap and compass in Extreme models.


  • Hitting enemies with EMP effects correctly grants Disrupt EXP.
  • Removed deployable gadget placement delay. Now they appear instantly.
  • Deployable gadgets are easier to deploy.

Deployment Tag

  • The deployment tag is larger to make it more visible.
  • The deployment beacon is visible from further away.


In this update, we are making several changes to All-Out Warfare rotations. Our main change is the removal of the 128 player version of Breakthrough. When we looked at the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, we noticed that the 128-player version was more suited to Conquest mode and its vast spaces, which lends itself better to the sandbox dimension.

In 128-player Breakthrough mode, a player’s or squad’s usefulness and impact on the flow of the game is limited by the intensity of the chaos.

We concluded that the 64-player version of Breakthrough represented a more tactical experience. Reducing the number of players helps alleviate the chaos of the experience, and with fewer combat vehicles available, you’ll be able to hold the front line more effectively. You will also have more space to work together and fulfill your individual function.

So in Breakthrough 64, it will be easier for squads to cooperate, whether that’s outflanking the enemy, planting a respawn beacon, or using the menu to set up silencers before securing and holding a point. A squad will be able to turn the tide of battle. We think limiting Breakthrough to 64 players will restore the rhythm that promotes teamwork and goal-oriented play. We will continue to investigate how our changes improve the experience before the start of Season 1.

Other Changes

  • Here is the size retained for each card in Breakthrough 64 on PC, PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series S|X.

    • Discharge, Manifesto, Orbital, Kaleidoscope: 128 player version.
    • Hourglass, Rupture, Renewal: 64-player version.


  • The compass is larger when aiming, for better readability.



  • Angel can no longer drop plates with his supply bag.


  • The SG-36 turret spots players with a red dot. Spotted enemies are visible to allies.
  • The SG-36 turret can no longer follow characters behind walls.
  • SG-36 turret damage and health decreased.

    • Reduced rate of fire (450 -> 250)
    • Reduced initial damage (16 -> 10)
    • Reduced end damage (10 -> 7)
    • Reduced distance before power loss (50 -> 40)
    • Reduced projectile speed (960 m/s -> 500 m/s)
    • Reduced health (200 -> 150)
    • Locking time extended by 0.3 seconds
    • Reduced target oblivion time (2s -> 1.5s)
    • Reduced lock range (65m -> 50m)
    • Reduced reload time (5.2s -> 4.2s)


  • Hitting with the SOB-8 shield while in smoke from a smoke weapon should cause damage.


  • Reduced fortification system cooldown (25s -> 20s).


  • Update 0.4.0 changed the way some weapons worked in unexpected ways, introducing incorrect damage values. With this update, we are restoring the expected performance. You should feel an overall improvement in weapon performance.
  • The impact of attachments on recoil has been reduced, while base weapon recoil has been buffed to compensate. In other words, weapons without attachments are more manageable.
  • Holding your breath with a Bolt Action Rifle lasts up to 5 seconds. A 5 second penalty applies if you hold the breath all the way.
  • Underbarrel props no longer affect weapon deploy speed.
  • Overall reduced DMR horizontal recoil.
  • Acceleration of the deployment of support weapons.


  • Increased AC42 power loss at long range.


  • Removed AK24 semi-auto firing mode.
  • Increased the rate of fire of the AK-24 in burst mode (900 cpm).


  • Increased NTW-50’s effectiveness against vehicles.
  • Added damage multiplier against tank tracks.


  • Increased the vertical recoil of the PKP-BP and added a new horizontal recoil profile.


  • Increased SFAR-M GL damage at short and medium range. Reduced power loss over distance of SFAR-GL.

    • At 20m, it takes 5 bullets to eliminate an enemy instead of 4.


  • Reduced SVK horizontal recoil to make successive shots easier.
  • Increased SVK power loss beyond 40m.
  • Reduced SVK high velocity bullet damage beyond 150m.

    • It takes 3 bullets to eliminate an enemy instead of 2.


  • Fixed a bug that did not award EXP when capturing an objective while in a vehicle that had not been deployed via the deploy menu.

Since the release of Update 0.4.0, we’ve continued to make vehicle-level balancing adjustments, changing the total number of vehicles that can be active on maps simultaneously in Conquest and Breakthrough.

Conquest 128

  • Kaleidoscope: 1 less light ground vehicle per team.
  • Manifesto: 1 less light ground vehicle per team.

Breakthrough 64

  • Breakup

    • Sector 4 adjustments: 1 less air transport vehicle for attackers, 1 less heavy ground vehicle for attackers and defenders.

  • Revolt

    • Sector 3 adjustment: Removed air transport vehicles for defenders, 1 less heavy ground vehicle for attackers and defenders.

  • stopwatch

    • Sector 4 adjustments: 1 less heavy ground vehicle for attackers and defenders, removal of transport and combat air vehicles for defenders.

  • Renewal

    • Adjusted sector 4: 1 less heavy ground vehicle for attackers and defenders.

  • Orbital

    • Sector 4 adjustment: 1 less heavy vehicle for defenders.

micro drone

  • The MAV now belongs to the category of transport vehicles.

M5C Bolte

  • The M5C Bolte’s missile launcher no longer deals excessive damage to air vehicles.
  • The M5C Bolte now belongs to the category of armored vehicles.

For latecomers, Battlefield 2042 is available from €30.48 on

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