Le Limoges CSP abat la carte Conner Frankamp avant le début des playoffs

Basket – Le Limoges CSP abat la carte Conner Frankamp avant le début des playoffs

It looks like a gamble from a club that has nothing to lose but now everything to gain after exceeding wildest expectations. According to our information, Limoges CSP has decided to strengthen for the playoffs by hiring Conner Frankamp (1.85 m, 26 years old). He was even in Beaublanc on Tuesday evening where he attended the match between CSP and ASVEL. The American playmaker with a Georgian passport should be hired as a medical freelancer for Timothée Bazille, injured in an ankle.

A scorer passed by the Euroleague

The former Wichita State University player is no stranger to Europe. Following a first European experience in Bulgaria, he raged in the Greek championship where he was the top scorer, scoring 20.9 points per game under the colors of Réthynmon. Statistics that allowed him to land a contract in Spain where he shot 15.7 points per game last season with Murcia. Enough to attract the attention of a Euroleague team like Zenit Saint-Petersburg (7.8 points on average in the premier competition). After leaving Russia due to the war in Ukraine, Conner Frankamp joined Patras where he was not unanimous despite averaging over 13 points per game. A boon for the Limoges CSP.

What to dream bigger

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On paper, this leader scorer has a profile complementary to those of Demonte Harper and CJ Massinburg. Enough to offer more solutions to Massimo Cancellieri and to dream even bigger.

Matthew Marot

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