Balles perdues, désorganisation… Les Suns ont signé leur pire prestation offensive de l’année

Balles perdues, désorganisation… Les Suns ont signé leur pire prestation offensive de l’année

Strange sequence for Devin Booker. On several possessions in a row, in the middle of the second quarter of this Game 6, the back of the Suns finds himself unable… to transmit the leather to his teammates. First there is his penetration where, seeing help from Frank Ntilikina, he tries to find Deandre Ayton at the last moment with a jumping pass. Easy interception by Luka Doncic.

On the next possession, he again looks for his pivot by stopping in the middle of the racket, but Maxi Kleber hinders him well and Luka Doncic, who came to help on him, deflects the ball. Devin Booker is forced back and his pass is finally intercepted by a third man who came to help, Frank Ntilikina.

Next possession, the back tries a simple pass on the ground towards Jae Crowder, cut by the foot of Luka Doncic. Book retries his luck in stride on a “pick-and-roll” with the same teammate but the Slovenian… sets foot in opposition! New “kicked ball” and new illustration of the difficulties experienced by Devin Booker (19 points at 6/17), more taken at two in this match compared to the start of the series, to find his partners.

Devin Booker loses more balls than the Mavs

At this moment of the meeting, Phoenix still has only three small points behind (42-39). But it is precisely at this moment that visitors will begin to lose their footing in the encounter. ” It’s not like us, we need to be less careless with the ball », claims after the match the back who, on his own, has lost more balls (8) than… the entire opposing team (6).

Chris Paul, only 13 points (4/7 on shots), was not spared by the phenomenon. After his seven “turnovers” in Game 3, he lost five more tonight. Some more surprising than others, like this action where Frank Ntilikina, again him, put his body in opposition at the time of the installation of a screen for “CP3”, before the latter ends up losing the control of the ball and goes into touch.

That doesn’t sound like us, especially coming from our backcourt. These guys don’t know this kind of party with so many lost balloons “, remarks Monty Williams, referring more generally to an attack” disorganized clearly lacking the usual fluidity. Like his coach, Chris Paul considers that these ” loose balls are like interceptions. We lose the ball and they get 3-point shots in transition. »

“Unacceptable” for Deandre Ayton

The Mavs actually caused 22 loose balls from the Suns, for 16 interceptions (4 each for Luka Doncic and Frank Ntilikina), and above all scored 29 points behind.

It was a lot of mistakes, terrible loose balls. Unacceptable “Slice Deandre Ayton, whose formation only stole three balls and generated six losses of opposing balls.

Jason Kidd says he spoke with his troupe about the importance of taking care of leather. What his team does particularly well in this series compared to the Suns: 63 lost balls overall (10.5 on average) against… 93 to Arizona players (15.5). ” When you lose the ball a lot to a really good team, players don’t get shots “Judge, moreover, Jason Kidd, questioned about the 19-point match (5/11 from afar) by Reggie Bullock.

A good offensive production, his best of the playoffs, coupled with a big defensive investment, mainly on Devin Booker. ” Bullock was asked to defend on everyone and he rose to the challenge. I started playing it on Booker just to see what would happen, just to make it harder. Booker is an incredible player. But Reg did a good job “, greets Jason Kidd, also mentioning the activity of the only Frenchy in this series.

We have faced this throughout the year, when teams take two books, we must be able to either shoot (opened by taking two), either attack the circle to find someone else “recalls for his part Monty Williams, adding:” I don’t have enough time in front of me to talk about everything that is eating away at me. I don’t think we realized the degree of desperation with which they were going to play. Coupled with our lost balloons, this is the recipe for what happened to us. »

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