Babylon's Fall : les joueurs abandonnent le jeu... -

Babylon’s Fall : les joueurs abandonnent le jeu… –

Let’s attack this Monday with Sonic 2, which has become the most profitable video game adaptation in the cinema, the failure of the game Babylon’s Fall, ending with the fall of the NFTs. Come on, the Daily, let’s go!

Sonic 2 breaks records!

Released in theaters on March 30, Sonic 2 became the highest-grossing video game adaptation at the cinema, with more than $331.64 million at the box office. The first installment had grossed $ 319.71 million in 2020, beating Resident Evil: Final Chapter released in 2017 in France, which had made 314 million. We find again Ben Shwartz in the role of Sonic and Jim Carrey in that of Dr. Robotnik. For the newbies, we have Colleen O’Shaughenesey, official voice actor for Tails since 2014, and Idris Elba as Knuckles. The CEO of SEGA shared his feelings: “We are very pleased to announce that the third Sonic feature film and the first live-action series in the Sonic universe are currently in development. We have a wonderful partnership with Paramount, and we are happy to continue to expand the Sonic franchise with them in 2022.”

Babylon’s Fall, Square Enix’s No Man’s Land

Surprisingly enough for a recently released game, Square Enix’s Babylon’s Fall had only one player at midnight on Wednesday, May 4. Remember that the game dates from February 25. Afterwards, the number of active players stabilized at a minimum of 15 people with a peak of 58 fighters, which is not glorious for all that. From the start, we felt like this game was cursed, peaking at just 1188 players on March 3, 2022. Ten days later, Square Enix was already falling below the 500 player mark. That’s why Square Enix felt compelled to respond: “There are no plans to reduce the scale of Babylon’s Fall development. Content creation until the end of Season 2 is almost complete, and we have started working on Season 3 and beyond. We will continue to deliver new content to the game and make improvements based on player feedback, striving to keep players present and attract new players.”

NFTs are in an infinite sauce

Bored Ape Yacht Club, does that ring a bell? It’s a year-old collection of NFTs owned by blockchain tech company Yuga Labs and features a whole bunch of jaded monkeys with unlikely looks. So far, it has had NFT’s biggest mint to date. The mint is the creation of an NFT, at the precise moment when the latter is recorded in the blockchain. Because of this, Ethereum gas prices have reached unprecedented levels. It is a virtual unit present in the Ethereum platform for arranging the payment of transaction fees. Some buyers had to pay up to $14,000 in gas fees, and others were billed for gas even though their Overdeed transactions failed. On May 4, Yuga Labs announced that it had “reimbursed gas costs to everyone who made a failed transaction”, but many people claim not to have received a refund. Then, to rub the knife in the wound, remember that a fake website defrauded certain holders of NFTs of the sum of 6.2 million dollars.

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