Automobile : Toyota Aygo X, la dernière des mini-thermiques

Automobile : Toyota Aygo X, la dernière des mini-thermiques

Fiat 500, Renault Twingo, Mini from the heyday and a few more… These pocket city cars, ex-symbols from the 60s to the 90s, have disappeared or are doomed in the short term. Cherished by these ladies, but not only, they brightened up the urban landscape without taking themselves seriously, and largely contributed to bringing the automobile within everyone’s reach.

Only Toyota continues to invest in this category (that of segment A), which in 2021 fell below 10% of the French market which, once, was very fond of it. While the erasure of thermal versions of the Fiat 500 and the Twingo is scheduled and that almost all manufacturers have preferred to throw in the towel, the world number one will market in June the Aygo Cross (which is written Aygo X). Produced in the Czech Republic, this model succeeds the Aygo, a small sedan also available since 2005 under the Peugeot 108 and Citroën C1 banners.

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The two French brands having decided to pass their turn, Toyota has designed a model of its own. The Aygo X was designed to get out of the range of constraints that plague this type of vehicle, not expensive enough to be profitable with regard to environmental and safety constraints, insufficiently versatile to ensure the role of main vehicle and too crude to meet the requirements increasing numbers of most buyers.

Rather generous equipment

Compared to the previous model, the Aygo X has been lengthened by 24 centimeters to provide additional space in the front as well as an additional trunk, and slightly raised to ensure a slightly overhanging driving position. Redesigned with a certain efficiency, this car, which does not exceed 3.70 meters, retains the advantages of a mini-urban, including a very short turning radius, while gaining in suspension comfort.

Question versatility, the limits are quickly reached. The not very young three-cylinder of 74 horsepower runs out of steam as soon as one leaves the city

The equipment is rather generous, while the interior presentation is more modern. This upmarket strategy appears to be the only way to make the project profitable. Incidentally, it is also a question of recovering part of the clientele of the Yaris, Toyota’s small flagship model, whose prices have risen since it is mainly chosen as a hybrid. Even some of the Fiat 500 enthusiasts, who will soon be deprived of a combustion engine.

Question versatility, however, the limits are quickly reached. The not very young three-cylinder 74 horsepower (deprived of turbo and hybrid version) runs out of steam as soon as you leave town, is noisy and quite disappointing in terms of consumption. Braking requires skill and the space available in the rear seats still seems cramped.

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