Arma Reforger : le nouveau jeu militaire fuite, exclusivité Xbox temporaire !

Arma Reforger : le nouveau jeu militaire fuite, exclusivité Xbox temporaire !

If leaks are commonplace in video games, it is usually agreed to come across images, a video or a tweet from an insider who is well informed about this or that production. But this time, it’s the next game from the Arma license, Arma Reforger, which appeared in a very special way and with a lot of information about it. The game should be released tomorrow.

An opus that wants to be different from its big brothers

You saw it in our title, it is via a marketing guide that the name of the app surfaced. While fans are eagerly awaiting Arma 4, Bohemia Interactive’s next game could actually be Arma Reforger.

First shared on Reddit, this file in PDF format tells us that the development of Arma 4 appears quite complex. Not wanting to disappoint the players, Bohemia would then have decided to design Arma Reforger while waiting for Arma 4. The development of Arma Reforger would also aim to make the link with Arma 4.

Also according to the document, Arma Reforger would be built through the studio’s new Enfusion engine. Another big surprise, the license should not be exclusive to the PC since the developers want to reach a wider audience. There is also talk of a temporary Xbox exclusivity since the document states that Arma Reforger will be launched on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well as on PS4 and PS5 “in the future”. There would also be talk of offering both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

The game offers tactical depth while remaining accessible to a wide audience, including console users. It also supports user modifications for custom scenarios.

The game’s storyline will therefore take place on a fictional island called Everon, located in the Atlantic Ocean and near another fictional island in the Armaverse, Malden. We would be projected game in an “alternate 1989” during a conflict between the American and Soviet forces.

According to the description, Arma Reforger is intended to be a “military simulation game” (as opposed to simulator), which would tend to say that this new opus would be more accessible than its predecessors.

The marketing guide also emphasizes the continued collaboration that exists between Bohemia and the International Committee of the Red Cross, already exemplified by Arma 3’s Laws of War DLC.

The documentation provided tells us that Arma will continue to cultivate features of the series that have an “anti-war humanitarian orientation” by continuing to “expose, disseminate and promote international humanitarian law in the game”.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait much longer before actually discovering the game since the studio has announced the holding of a live Twitch centered on the future of the series this Tuesday, May 17 at … patience , tongues will loosen soon.

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