Andrew Wiggins a régalé : agressif en attaque, cadenas sur Luka Doncic, l’homme du Game 1 est bien Canadien

Andrew Wiggins a régalé : agressif en attaque, cadenas sur Luka Doncic, l’homme du Game 1 est bien Canadien

Golden State took place tonight against Dallas and, even if the collective is at the center of this victory, impossible not to offer some spotlight to a boy. Her name ? Andrew Wiggins.

When welcoming the Mavs for this Game 1 of the Conference Finals, Golden State knew that an Everest was rising against the franchise. How to make life difficult for a Luka Doncic who has been riding all the competition since the start of the postseason? Deprived of Gary Payton II, still injured, Steve Kerr had decided to send Andrew Wiggins on a commando mission on the Slovenian. The least we can say is that the All-Star winger did the job! Glued to the shorts of the Slovenian from the first moments, the Canadian will become a real poison for the nugget of the Mavs throughout the evening. If the darling of the Texans had attacked his meeting rather well, he will slowly but surely fall into line, hampered by the aggressiveness and the physique of a Wiggins focus from A to Z. Defensively the contribution is immense, offensively it isn’t gross either. Taking advantage of the two-man on Stephen Curry and Draymond Green’s shifts, Andrew quickly found open spots and confidence rose quickly. In a first half where the Splash Brothers are in trouble, it is the winger who takes the lead with 15 points before the break.

Without having to force the return from the locker room, the awakening of the Splash Brothers and the contribution of Kevon Looney having already put a blow to the Mavs, Wiggins will continue his work of undermining Doncic until Jason Kidd recalls his leader on the bench, blowout obliges. With 19 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 8/17 shooting and 3/8 from afar, Andrew Wiggins does not make the sexiest stat sheet in the world but his contribution has been CAPITAL within the Warriors collective. He also has the best +/- of his entire team with +28. Without Luka, Dallas’ firepower is significantly reduced and that could come in handy in this series. fun facts: this is the lowest total of points scored by Doncic this postseason (20) and also his worst performance in terms of address (33%). As soon as the role players do not compensate for the lack, Dallas finds itself in big trouble and that gives a gap like that of last night. Obviously, it’s useless to hope to see Luka Magic slam us an entire series at 6/18 shooting, it won’t happen, but the Doncic-Wiggins duel could well be the key factor in deciding the next finalist. If the Dub stays on its level from tonight, Warriors fans can be confident.

Andrew Wiggins made the game he needed against Dallas and he fueled both sides of the field. Special mention for this impeccable defense on Luka Doncic. Do not stay attached to the game sheet, the man of this Game 1 is Canadian.

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