AMG annonce sa première voiture électrique

AMG annonce sa première voiture électrique

AMG, the sports division of Mercedes, announces a first image of the concept unveiled in the coming days. Which will give rise to the very first 100% electric AMG. And this is only the beginning towards total conversion.

Mercedes is one of those manufacturers who are aiming for 100% electric in dealerships by the end of the decade, in Europe. To achieve this, the company from Stuttgart is planning more than 40 billion euros of investments spread over several years in order to launch new developments, and to convert factories which will probably lose manpower in the process ( the electric car requiring far fewer spare parts than a thermal model). This major transition in the history of Mercedes will not be without consequences for the AMG branch, which will also undergo its transformation based on electrons. This is already the case with the arrival of the first rechargeable hybrids. We don’t yet know the thermal release date for AMG, but if Affalterbach follows the logic of the parent company, theCombustion engines will not last very long in Europe.

Moreover, the boss of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Ola Kallenius, surprised journalists at the summit on the future of the automobile, organized by the Financial Times. The CEO presented a first sketch of a concept that we will discover on May 19.

The first electric Mercedes AMG… or almost

This concept foreshadows the very first electric AMG, which will be launched early in the second half of the decade. The engineers therefore still have time to develop the product, even if it will not be truly new: remember the SLS Electric Drive. Confidential, of course, but it is the first electric AMG.

What follows is much more intense. The concept’s profile bears no resemblance to the AMGs we know today: the hood is very short and rather plunging, and the stern lengthens with a marked overhang. This which will be reminiscent of… the Mercedes EQXX. The German manufacturer had announced that this rolling laboratory would be used for future products, and AMG may well benefit from it.

AMG will also benefit from a specific version of the future Mercedes electric platform, the AMG.EA. Which should precisely be at the origin of this particularly interesting novelty, which could nevertheless put off those who swear by the V8.

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Published on 05/10/2022 Updated 05/10/2022

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