138 euros prélevés pour clore le livret A d'un enfant décédé : pourquoi les frais de succession sont un jackpot pour les banques

138 euros prélevés pour clore le livret A d’un enfant décédé : pourquoi les frais de succession sont un jackpot pour les banques

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A bank can legally levy inheritance costs in the event of death. But there are strong disparities between banking establishments. It is not possible to dispute them once the contract has been signed.

The case shocked. When the parents of a 9-year-old boy who died of cancer wanted to close his A booklet, the Postal Bank of Gironde took €138.20 from them. Yet the bank was within its rights. Faced with the emotion aroused by this affair, she promises a commercial gesture towards the family.

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Their 9-year-old son dies of cancer, La Banque Postale takes €138 when the Livret A is closed

Taxing the death of a customer is the guaranteed jackpot for the banks. Last November, the UFC Que Choisir had denounced “invoicing at a price of gold on the death nest egg”. These bank charges are deducted after a person’s death from their own bank account. Average cost of inheritance costs: €233 according to the survey by the consumer association which scrutinized the rates of 21 banking establishments throughout France for a typical inheritance of €20,000. There is a wide disparity between institutions: between 120 euros at Crédit Mutuel Center Est Europe and 527 euros at LCL.

Differences of one to four according to the banks

“Inheritance costs are not part of the costs regulated by the public authorities in France”, explains Maxime Chipoy, president of Moneyvox. “Each bank has its own rates and is free to charge the rates it wants and we realize that the differences are enormous, they range from one to four depending on the establishment. Within the same regional bank, like Crédit Agricole can easily go from simple to double”.

Depending on the banking institutions, the amount may be unique, regardless of the sums on the bank account(s), but most of the time, these costs depend on the amount appearing on the accounts: current account or savings account.

Banks sometimes even charge a surplus if the beneficiaries to whom a transfer must be made are in a bank other than the deceased. This is the case of Crédit Mutuel, according to Moneyvox. The French market is estimated at 150 million euros.

What are these fees?

When a customer dies, the bank must carry out several operations: freezing of the account(s), statement of the customer’s balance sheet, sending the statement of accounts to the notary or contacting the beneficiaries. “We do not question the existence of acts to close the accounts of the deceased”, explains Matthieu Robin, project manager for banking and insurance at UFC Que Choisir. “But there are pricing that appear completely disconnected from their cost”.

Associations advise to play the competition, as always with banks, but it is very rare, when opening an account, to compare inheritance costs. However, once the account is open, inheritance costs are very rarely debatable…

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